Free speech April 3, 2021


Josh Brett:

Chicken broccoli and rice, gruelling training sessions and insanely rapid transformations. Nobody does body transformations quite like Hollywood. But when the cameras and lights go down, what goes on? This video explores the general narrative behind celebrity body transformations, how and why they achieve such rapid results. But more importantly why you should not look to Hollywood for your fitness advice.


Part 1- The Pledge: What is the ‘ideal’ physique and how do you get there? It’s a matter of fact that taking care of your fitness will improve your life drastically, But what is this ‘Hollywood physique’ which everyone talks about? Commonly referred to as the golden ratio physique, this represents the ‘ideal make proportions’ for aesthetic symmetry and while this often takes the most dedicated a century to achieve, actors seem to be getting close, often in less than a year… So how do they do it?


Part 2- The Turn: After reading many magazines, articles and celebrity interviews, how they say they achieved their results warrants respect. With actors such as Zac Effron BLENDING HIS CHICKEN and chugging it their dedication is unquestionable. But the diet of only chicken broccoli and rice, 4 hr training sessions and wildly intense training plans just make gaining muscle seem like an impossible process. While you may get results training like a maniac, this is not the only way! Even better, its not even close to optimal!


Part 3- The Prestige: So, what is going on behind the scenes in many of these transformations? While nobody can say for sure, it is extremely likely that they have some extra ‘assistance’ Which allows them to train harder for longer, while gaining above natural levels of muscle.


Part 4: Signs of PED’s As much as I don’t want to be that guy calling people out for taking ‘stuff’, its important to look at some of the signs of PED usage, while 1 or 2 alone is definitely not conclusive, when many coexist together you have the right to get suspicious… (Its also important to note that many of these celebrities are probably going to be able to avoid most of these side effects with the help of top doctors).


Part 5: The Consequences This is the part which matters most! A common misconception is that the people making natty or not videos are just jealous haters. However, I would argue that the frequent exaggeration and lack of transparency of how these transformations are achieved have many consequences: – Unrealistic body expectations


– Increase in PED usage – Decrease in mental health (especially if you try to follow some of these routines) – Increase in eating disorders – Increase in companies profiting off of ambiguity (e.g. snake oil supplements)


Conclusion While Hollywood body transformations may inspire millions and have a net positive effect, its important to be aware of the other side of things. Hollywood is an industry built on illusions and I strongly advise you to get your fitness advice from qualified professionals as opposed to Hollywood actors and those speculative magazines (more spews for views). Many of these Hollywood body transformations are wildly exaggerated and are by no means realistic for your average person, but that should be okay, you can still achieve incredible results, and achieve close to the golden ratio physique naturally, just don’t go expecting to look like Chris Hemsworth in a year…