Marco de Wit April 1, 2021


Two years ago chief editor of Holy Crusade News was interviewed by Southern nationalists at the Rebel Yell.


The topic of discussion was supposed to be both Finland and paleolibertarianism but veered repeatedly to forbidden subjects like the Jewish involvement in multiculturalism.



Link to Rebell Yell




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5 thoughts on “Breaking taboos: Marco de Wit interviewed by the Rebel Yell

  1. Nyt on hakkerit varastanu norminetin lähdekoodin ja sille naureskellaan netissä. On asiantuntijoiden mukaan todellista spagettia jonka tekijä on joko alakouluikäinen tai sitten asiasta mitään ymmärtämätön “koodaaja”. Heh heh…

  2. Marsu jenkki narujen haastateltavana
    Mites hollontilaiselta maahan tunkeutuvalta mahtaa engelska sujua?

  3. American have two big problems: Their tendency to be fanatic zionists and lack of identity who they are anymore. Put America first and Israel last.


    “They also believe in the innate goodness of human beings (apart of course from those held back by religion) and that most people who come to Europe will immediately grasp the superiority of liberal values and want to ‘progress’ into this secular Nirvana. It therefore comes as a great shock when many of the immigrants refuse to immediately bow down to what are considered self-evident values and norms.”

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