Free speech March 24, 2021


Australian Labor Party calls for immediate release of political prisoner Julian Assange.






2 thoughts on “Release Julian Assange!

  1. American people are the cancer, disease and parasite of the world. They are only able to parasite off other people.

  2. After american revolted from british rule, as soon as they became independent, they became worst parasites in human history themselves that only know how to parasite off others, kill, steal and rape. They only wanted freedom so that they could be million times worse parasites and criminals than british people have ever been. There wasnt any justification to give american independence by claiming that british were parasiting off them. Look at what kind of parasites american people themselves are now as soon as they got to do it. Other people have every right to destroy the United States and pull out compensation for damages caused to victims of american parasites. As soon as the criminal american-zionist empire and their war machines collapses, we will get our compensation for their crimes.

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