Free speech March 8, 2021


Mark Felton:

Michael Wittmann was considered as one of the greatest Nazi tank commanders of WW2. Having served in the Battle of Kursk he was redeployed to Normandy soon after the D-Day landings. Receiving The Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross from Hitler himself, Wittmann was considered a cult hero with the Nazi propaganda machine embellishing his already well known achievements.





1 thought on “The Black Baron: Hitler’s Secret Weapon

  1. Hitler almost saved Europe from the sick american and brits, who always fight on the side of pure evil and still do. What happens now is the result of this, american and brits fighting for Satan. They will be brought to justice when the criminal american empire collapses in matter of years. American people will then start to pay to their many victims and rightly so. They are a nation of parasitic people that are nothing on their own. Their existence is based on parasiting off others.

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