Free speech February 24, 2021


Here you find the most important articles on the Jewish problem. They are so politically incorrect that only Holy Crusade News dares to publish them. In many countries you go to jail if you publish or share these. Truth is too dangerous for the ruling elite.




0. Laws of history
Rationalist science including sociobiology and praxeology helps us see how monopolies in law and money made it possible for extremist Jews to achieve state capture. This is an introductory chapter that goes through world history by presenting various books and other rationalist sources. You can skip this article if you are not interested in methodology and the radical Rationalist school in general. The Jewish Cuckoo story is so simple that it does not depend on specific methodology and philosophy of science.









1. Outline of World History: The Jewish Cuckoo Story in Five Steps



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1.1. Cradle of Liberty: Holy Roman Empire vs. Jews
– Jews refuse to assimilate
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1.2. The 10 Steps of the Jewish Fatal Embrace
– Jews attempt first regulatory capture (monopolies, cartels) and then state capture
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1.3. The 10 Steps of the Culture of Critique
– Jews demonize Whites and the Western civilization
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1.4. The 6 Steps to Global Hegemony. How U$Srael Rules the World.
  • Jews dominate the world with U$Srael





Six Steps To Global Hegemony. How U$Srael Rules The World


1.5. Honesty Litmus Test: Jewish Libertarians
– Jewish libertarians cover up Jewish Cuckoo story, i.e. their role in statist centralism
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1.5.1. Did Milton Friedman’s Libertarianism Defend Jewish and U$Srael Interests?
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 Honesty Litmus Test: Milton Friedman
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1.5.2. Honesty Litmus Test: Ludwig von Mises
Click the picture Did Ludwig von Mises Defend the Jewish Money Machine?
Click the picture Did Ludwig von Mises Demonize Germans?
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1.5.3. Was the Libertarian Nobelist Friedrich von Hayek Jewish?
Click the picture Friedrich von Hayek on the Jewish Problem
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