3 thoughts on “Reparations logic

  1. Who cares about some Pearl Harbor anyway. American will eventually face justice and pay for decades of crimes to their victims. People will know american as sick criminals and parasites that they are. They cant do nothing without taking advantags of others and everybody knows that. Their current status is purely based on being parasites of others and american themselves are nothing.

  2. The japanese have nothing to apologize for anyway. Its the american who are sick criminals that will start to pay for their crimes when the FED-funded war machines collapses and sick empire of american empire collapses to nothingness.

  3. American… They still spread lies about Pearl Harbour, 6 million, WTC, Iraq etc. American are just complete and sick liars that arent good for anything healthy and good. Never have been. World would have been much better and will be much better when in just some years the US empire will collapse and they will start to pay back for their crimes to their victims. They wont have their war machine anymore. Just world full of enemies after attacking and parasiting off everybody else. They cant do anything more than that.

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