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This is a draft chapter of a much larger article Honesty Litmus Test: Ludwig von Mises.


Despite its length the 2007 Mises biography has neither a timeline nor a family tree. This makes it virtually impossible for the reader to understand the large Mises family and its dynastic alliances. Hulsmann too gets confused when he tries to explain the complicated family relations without the help of a family tree. For example, in page 10 he claims that Mises is Hermann von Mises’ nephew when that is obviously not the case.


Why is it that there are no family trees of Jewish libertarians? Milton and Rose Friedman refused to reveal their ancestors. So did Murray Rothbard. And now also Mises’ family tree is missing. Fortunately has some information so we can create a preliminary family tree.




The first thing the family tree reveals is a might alliance of dynasties of the two most important towns of Galicia: Lemberg and Brody. Mises and Nirenstein family dominate Lemberg and the Landau and Kallir families dominate Brody. The marriage of Adele Landau and Arthur Mises sealed the alliance between these four dynasties.


The second thing the family tree reveals is how both sides of the Mises family have bankers and members of parliament. Hulsmann does note this but fails to explain what happened to Ludwig’s uncles? Why did they not go into banking? Why the oldest son of Heinrich Mises, Max did not marry? What happened to the other two sons, Felix and Emil? Why is it that the fourth and youngest son, Arthur took the responsibility on his shoulders and passed it to his son, Ludwig. In fact, Ludwig von Mises seems to have become the leader of these dynasties especially since the other family branches produced very few children and even less sons.


From the family tree it is also easy to see that the family of Mises was full of banker ancestors. And not just bankers but they were obviously fronts of the Rothschilds.




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  1. Okay… Now everything makes a lot of sense. Why we dont know absolutely anything about these people and they do not want to tell about their family line or even their real names? Because everybody would know as soon as they would tell just their names.

  2. The Rothchilds always passed power of the dynasty to sons, as it was normally done hundreds of years ago. They didnt let women control their businesses, only sons and men.

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