Free speech February 12, 2021


Putin did something the elite Jews can never forgive him.


Putin kicked out several Jewish oligarchs who had been looting the Russian economy.



Now the Jews are supporting Aleksei Navalny to attack Putin. Navalny is not even trying to hide the fact that he is financed and directed by Jews.


In a candid interview from Vilnius, Lithuania, Navalny’s longtime Jewish chief of staff Leonid Volkov answers those questions and opens a window to one of the most dramatic stories of a drama-filled era. …

[Jews] number about 150,000 people out of 12 million, although many are wealthy and influential. But since Navalny was mostly addressing the liberal intelligentsia during his mayoral campaign, he got support from some of Moscow Jewry.

The Kremlin must have noticed that, because they made a very smart move, and “leaked” a story to a major Israel-based publication — an absurd story about Navalny making an anti-Semitic toast. It’s totally untrue; he is one of my closest personal friends, and was my Shabbos dinner guest many times. There’s no way he would have done that.



2 thoughts on “Stooge of the Jews: Aleksei Navalny

  1. What ever Putin is, Navalny will bring 10 million worse hell to people and historically it has been so.

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