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In all of history there never has been a group like the Jews. It all started with the Babylonian captivity 600 BC. Jews became a Diaspora nation that learned to survive and keep together despite living among other nations. This was possible only because of their Talmudic culture that created high Jewish ethnocentrism. Gradually Jews became also genetically ethnocentric. It was now in their nature to be relatively suspicious and hostile towards others but loyal to each other.




The high Jewish ethnocentrism did not help them much in Asia because there everybody was ethnocentrism because of the prevalence of cousin marriage. People were genetically relatively suspicious of Jews and other outsiders in general. However, in Europe the Church had outlawed cousin marriage and thus made Europeans even more individualistic and trusting. Therefore it was easy for Jews to enter Europe, make an economic and political alliance with the rulers and create their own autonomous communities which then exploited the local population. Professor Benjamin Gingsberg calls this Jewish alliance with the rulers the Fatal Embrace because throughout history it has led to pogroms and other anti-Semitism.


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Benjamin Ginsberg gives the big picture but does not explain in detail how The Fatal Embrace developed in almost inevitable stages.


1. Slave trade

Diaspora Jews had the best international networks so it was natural for them to become international traders. The biggest trade was trade in slaves. This suited Jews perfectly because their Talmudic culture was hostile towards outsiders anyway. It was the Jews who organized the slave trade from north to south. White European slaves were in great demand in the Middle East and North Africa. This also put Jews into contact with the local European rulers and started the Fatal Embrace.


It was the Jews who helped Charlemagne to create his empire. Only the Jews had the connections and the money to help organise such a large empire in a primitive early Medieval economy. In exchange the Jews wanted cartel rights to slave trade. The Church tried to stop slave trade but in the end a compromise was reached. Jews could engage in slave trade with pagans. This was one reason why Charlemagne wanted to conquer the Saxons and get slaves by expanding his empire to both north and east.


2. Tax collecting

Jews soon proposed the local European rulers a tax farming deal: They would pay in advance for the right to collect taxes in behalf of the ruler. This was relatively easy for the Jews because they had both the money and the skill to extort and subjugate people. Naturally many rulers were delighted by this deal. They got tax money in advance with relatively little risk. Jewish tax farming was a huge step in statism.


3. Bank cartel

Now Jews had extensive and permanent financial dealings with many local European rulers. The next step was to offer loans to rulers in exchange for banking cartels. The church limited banking and taking of interest so there was not much competition. Many rulers were happy to let Jews practice usury as long as they would get a major part of the profits.


4. Monopolies and cartels

Now that Jews were loaning money to the local population it was easy to get more involved in the local economy. Next Jews offered rulers money in exchange for monopoly rights for mills, shops and inns. Jews would create a small trading place next to a major road where they would start processing grain in mills, sell products in shops and alcohol in inns. To eliminate competition they would pay a yearly sum to the ruler who would make sure that only Jews had the right to operate a mill, shop and inn. Naturally the local population resented that. They could not build a mill but they rather bought from traveling tradesmen and made their own alcohol at home. The Jews and the rulers responded by restricting traveling salesmen and alcohol production. When some of the locals responded by refusing to consume any alcohol the Jews and rulers made it obligatory to buy a certain amount of alcohol every year from the Jew.


5. Confiscations

Now that Jews were in total control of the local economy the farmers had no alternative but to trade with the Jews. They had to bring their grain to the mill to be processed and sold even if the Jew offered only a low price. Then another Jew would make him pay his taxes to the ruler. If the farmer had any money left he would then buy expensive clothes and tools from the local Jewish shop. If he did not have money even for the necessary farm tools then he could buy them on credit against his future crop. After that the depressed farmer would go to the inn where another Jew would sell him expensive alcohol on credit.

All these credits would naturally pile up because the Jewish bank cartel kept the interest rates high. If the farmer could not pay back his loans or even interest then the Jew would confiscate his farm with the help of the police. The farm would be sold to some Jew who was specialized in land deals. Part of the profits from the sale of the farm would then be payed to the ruler who controlled the police and the army.


6. Pogroms

All this exploitation would naturally enrage the farmers who would then periodically revolt. The rulers were usually in the capital protected by the army so the victims of these revolts were mainly the local Jews running the exploitation economy. After the massacres the army would arrive to crush the rebels and protect the surviving Jews who would then again start running the exploitation economy. In exchange for protection Jews would eagerly send parts of the exploitation profits to the king and aristocrats. They would then not only live in luxury but also develop bigger armies and ever stronger states. In Eastern Europe this process lasted for a thousand years and forced the farmers into permanent serfdom and slavery. Gradually Jew-friendly Poland would become the biggest state in Eastern Europe.




7. Expulsions

The Fatal Embrace made Jewish elite rich but at the same time made rulers and the states even more rich and powerful. It was the Jews who helped states grow and stop the natural European tendency toward decentralization and liberty. However, in Western Europe the Fatal Embrace was milder because the anti-Jewish revolts were often so strong that they would threaten the ruler. Finally the ruler would put all the blame on the Jews and promise to kick them out of the country. At the same time he would refuse to pay back his debts to the Jews. Often he also gave Jews a choice: Pay for the privilege of getting out of the country alive or be massacred by the locals. Jews payed but after a few years they came back and the Fatal Embrace started again. However, this process was much shorter in Western European countries. It almost stopped in such countries as England, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain which tried to totally and permanently expel the Jews from the country. Thus in Western Europe the Fatal Embrace was not strong enough to stop the development of liberty.


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8. Alliance with the Muslims

Jews expelled from Western Europe went either to Poland or to Muslim countries where they financed Islamic empires. This enraged Western Europeans so much that during the Crusades they often massacred the local Jews even more enthusiastically than the Muslims. Christians ruled the Holy Land for almost 200 years and refused to have Court Jews. Jews were not even allowed to live in Jerusalem.


Jews kept financing Arab rulers but finally realized that Arabs were no more a match for Europeans whose Reconquista was gradually pushing Arabs out of Spain, Southern Italy and the Middle East. Jews responded by helping Turks invade the Middle East and financed their empires. Soon Turks conquered the Holy Land and continued through Constantinople and Balkans all the way to the gates of Vienna.





8. Money machine

Meanwhile Western Europe was enjoying freedom and becoming ever more prosperous. Decentralized Netherlands showed everybody how liberty had created an economic miracle. The Dutch became so rich that they were even able to become independent from the mighty Spanish Empire. However, the price was high because the Dutch had to ally themselves with the Jews.

Soon the Fatal Embrace started also in the Dutch republic. The whole economy became cartellized and taxes rose enormously. However, there was one thing the Jews could not do: Get control of the Bank of Amsterdam. Depositors jealously guarded the independence of the bank and stopped all attempts to institute fraud, i.e. fractional reserve banking.

But the Jewish bankers had a back-up plan. First they bribed English puritans to let them back in England. Then they organized a Dutch invasion of Britain and made the Dutch Prince of Orange the king. At this point the state finances were in so bad state that Jewish bankers proposed the king and the protestant aristocracy a devilish plan:  Create a fractional reserve banking system around a new Bank of England. The plan succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations. The money machine was born. It financed the biggest empire the world had ever seen. At the same time Jews became more powerful than they could ever have imagined.





9. Ruling elite

Throughout history empires had been ruled by kings and aristocrats. The best the Jews could hope for was to become their advisers, Court Jews. But now the money machine created a new kind of ruling elite, banker elite. Kings and aristocracy still seemed to rule but in practice the bankers decided who would rule. If the king became too independent then the bankers would finance a revolution and change the king.

But the banker Jews could not yet control the Bank of England and other Gentile central banks. The native bankers were still more powerful especially since they could intermarry with the leading aristocracy. In the British and American Empires the Wasps still called the shots. Jews were only junior partners in the ruling elite though their word mattered. For example, most wars were now coalition wars where both the senior and junior partners of the ruling elite had to benefit.


The praxeological foundations of Murray Rothbard’s study of the ruling elite


The History of the Modern Ruling Elite by Murray Rothbard (Excerpted)




10. Blowback

Jews were now part of the ruling elite but they were still nervous. They felt that they were discriminated against. With the help of the money machine they were able to start dominating banking and media. They were even able to dominate many political parties and movement such as classical liberalism and socialism. After First World War their power in Germany and Austria became so great that it created a blowback with the rise of the Nazis.





In a sense the Jews had created the Nazi state. For a thousand years it was the Jews who helped to make the state stronger and stronger. Most of the time Jews were able to ally with the state but occasionally the state turned against them. But the Jews never stop. They always raise the stakes, come back and ally with the state again. The Fatal Embrace never stops.


But the Jews have a plan: Take over totally with the Culture of Critique and U$Srael.


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  1. When you raise the stakes and keep putting All-In, eventually you loose. History will repeat itself and its obvious with healthy people. Nobody should accept cartels, monopolies and hideous crimes of some invidual banking elite extremist radical jews.

  2. Could we stop talking about some Holohoaxes and 6 million? Why dont some create their own state? Actually they have, several. But elite jews do not want even just a state, they want power and to dominate over others. So do not come to whine then that there are blowbacks if you do something to others. There werent any pogroms, gas chambers, 6 millions or what ever. It was called: A response.

    And soon there will be a response to what elite extremist radical jews do.

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