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White history is both glorious and wimpish. It is glorious because Whites alone have been able to develop a great civilization with liberty and science. It is wimpish because Whites have let the extremist Jews to take over their civilization and turn it upside down. The White civilization is soon transformed into a concentration camp for Whites.


How could this happen? Simple: Whites are too nice and naive.


Of course, it took over 2000 years before extremist Jews were able to take over. This happened in five steps: Cuckoo nationalism, Fatal Embrace, Culture of Critique, U$Srael and the Libertarian Cover-up.


  1. Cuckoo nationalism

History of nations starts from the scientific fact that there are three major races which have developed under different environmental conditions: Blacks in hot Africa, Whites in temperate Europe and Mongoloids in cold Northern Asia. Thus they developed different average psychological and intellectual capabilities. Geographic barriers such as seas, mountains, rivers and deserts further divided these races into genetically slightly inbred nations and linguistic groups with different average psychological and intellectual capabilities. Nations with a certain combination of relatively high IQ, impulse control and aggressiveness such as White Indo-Europeans and Mongoloid Chinese started to invade lover average IQ southern nations.


After invading the fertile lands of the river cultures (Nile, Euphrates-Tigris, Indus, Yangtze and Yellow river) the Whites and the Mongoloids created many small militarist states that subjugated the natives. Gradually these states were united into empires ruled over by relatively White or Mongoloid upper classes. However, these empires allowed immigration and slave importation from the south which gradually mongrelized and thus weakened the state. This led to new invasions from the north which replenished the nation and especially upper classes with new White and Mongoloid blood/genes.


After the Germanic people had invaded and broken up the Roman Empire a new decentralist Europe developed where there was a balance of power between the secular and Christian authorities. This helped the natural White psychological universalism develop both science and political liberty especially since the church outlawed cousin marriage. All this made High Medieval Europe so free and prosperous that for the first time in history the Malthusian trap was broken. At the same time Europe became so strong that it could start a holy crusade to reclaim its lands invaded by Muslims.


European prosperity attracted immigrants from the south. In time all these assimilated except two very unique groups: Jews and Gypsies. They were nations without a country. Especially the Jews were special. They were the only group in the world that for thousands of years have been able to survive as a diaspora nation. They did this with the help of anti-Gentile Talmudist culture and dictatorial rabbinic rule which combined both religious and business leadership.


Both Jewish and Gypsy communities had a special double standard where swindling outsiders was allowed and often even encouraged. Both communities were also very hierarchical. Especially the ruling Jewish families led by rabbis had almost total personal and economic power over the common Jews. In many ways the traditional Jewish Talmudic community was a rip-off where the elite Jews exploited the common Jews who had nowhere to run. It was even in the interest of the rabbis that there was anti-Semitism because it strengthened their power over the common Jews. Even pogroms were not a threat to the rabbis because the victims were practically always the ordinary poor Jews.


This all should have alarmed the Europeans but their naivete and relatively low ethnocentrism allowed Diaspora Jews and Gypsies to find their own niche: The Gypsies traded especially with the lower classes and the elite Jews especially with the higher classes. Many Europeans did not mind trading but at the same time they demanded the assimilation of the Jews. The rabbis refused and started to play Whites against each other.


This sort of nationalist historical narrative is a threat to Jews because it shows how Jews were outsiders who refused to assimilate. Some of the Jews even claim to be European even if they belong to a nationalist Jewish network hostile to Europeans. They are like a guest who claims to be part of the family, refuses to leave and starts playing his hosts against each other. They are like cuckoos.


The Jewish refusal to assimilate is so obvious that few have tried to deny it. Instead Jews either ignore the problem or have turned it into a pluralist success story. Races and nations do not even exist or even if they do it is natural that nations disintegrate into pluralist societies. Except Jews and Israel, of course, but they are an exception because they have always been persecuted and have to stick together.


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  1. The Fatal Embrace

Jews who immigrated to Europe were led by rich rabbis and international traders who engaged in slave trading. They bought White slaves and then transported them to the Middle East and North Africa. Often they payed kings and war lords protection money so they could engage in slave trading without having to be afraid of the local population. After having created good relations with many kings and war lords the Jews offered tax-farming services. In other words, they offered the king money in return for the right to collect taxes from the locals. This naturally created a huge incentive to exploit the natives.


Now that the Jews had continuous business dealings with rulers they started buying from them various autonomy, cartel and monopoly privileges. For example, they bought an alcohol monopoly and then sold expensive alcohol on high interest credit to the natives. If the credit was not payed back in time then the Jew would foreclose on the farm or other property. Kings and aristocrats did not mind all this economic exploitation of the people as long as the Jews gave them part of the monopoly profits. Economics call this regulatory capture.


The most important privilege was naturally a banking cartel. In practice Jews gradually obtained a money machine where they could practice both usury and even primitive fractional reserve banking. Now it was easy for them to make the state stronger, manipulate it, take over the economy and further exploit the native population. Sometimes they could even control weak kings. Economics calls this state capture. However, soon both the higher and lower classes hated Jews and the pogroms started. First the kings defended the Jews but sooner or later they joined with the people, canceled all the debts owed to Jews (including their own debts), robed the Jews of all their money for “compensation” and kicked them out of the country. After a few years the Jews moved back and the cycle started again.


This process has continued to this day because the position of Jews in banking has only become stronger with fractional reserve banking, the Fed and Jewish dominance in politics. It is always the same story. Elite Jews become rich and powerful with the help of the state but then at some point the people rise up and make the state attack the Jews. Professor Benjamin Ginsberg calls the Jewish alliance with the state the Fatal Embrace because throughout history it has led to pogroms and other anti-Semitism.


The Fatal Embrace process is so obvious that few Jews have tried to deny it. Instead they either ignore it or have turned it into an anti-Semitic narrative where demonic Whites have always been persecuting innocent Jews and other minorities.


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3. Culture of Critique

Elite Jews did realize the inherent risks in the Fatal Embrace but instead of stopping they double down. They started to play Europeans against each other by supporting egalitarian democratization and counter-culture. Jews supported parliaments and various revolutionaries against the king. But parliamentary majorities could still turn on Jews so it was also important to create a coalition of religious, ethnic and linguistic minorities that could destroy the power of the White majorities and especially their leaders, the White Christian men.


At the same time Jews started financing all those intellectual movements which support the minority coalition and undermine White group interests. Professor Kevin MacDonald has shown how first the elite Jews tried to break up the Catholic Church because a united Christendom was a threat to them. Then the Jews openly started to create intellectual movements which turned the Western science, culture and politics upside down. This was relatively easy because the Jewish money machine gave them enormous resources to support both Jewish intellectuals and Gentile dissidents.


The Culture of Critique process is so obvious that few Jews have tried to deny it. Instead they either ignore it or have turned it into “Light unto Nations” narrative where Jews save Gentiles from intolerant rationalism and racist traditionalism with tolerant relativism and multicultural modernism. However, Jewish communities and Israel do not need this relativism and multiculturalism because they have always been a small and tolerant minority. Jews must lead all minorities to rise against the traditionalist White Christian men who still cling to their power.



Minority coalition created by the Culture of Critique


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4. U$Srael

The Jewish money machine made it relatively easy to first capture the White state and then the White culture. However, there was one problem. This all costed a lot of money. The use of the money machine had to be accelerated not only by making ever more risky loans but also by creating more and more money out of nothing with fractional reserve banking. This house of cards banking created periodic bank crisis and economic depressions. The whole banking system and thus the whole society became ever more unstable. Luckily there was a solution: Abandoning the gold standard and creating a paper money standard. But how to stop exponentially increasing paper money loosing all value? Easy. Use the military power of USA/Nato and Israel to force all countries to use dollars and its subcurrencies in international trade and especially in oil trade. Naturally this suited well the old allies of Israel, the Saudi family. Thus was born U$Srael.


Now there was enough demand for dollars and thus the U$Srael welfare-warfare machine could be financed. However, there was still one final problem. What if some country like Germany increased its paper currency less than others? That would make German Mark much more stronger and a safe-heaven for all savers and investors. Dollar and its subcurrencies would become weaker and the whole paper money house of cards could fall down.


The only solution was to create a currency union backed by both economic and political union. For decades U$Srael has used its power to create a globalist union. Thus Culture of Critique was further intensified in order to break up traditional values that kept families and nations together. By atomizing individuals it was possible to gradually strengthen globalism and especially the European Union. Finally it was possible to merge the German Mark and many other strong European currencies into a weaker Euro. With currency competition almost eliminated it was now possible to faster create dollars and finance American and Israeli welfare-warfare states and their imperialist expansion.


However, many Arab states, Russia and China have refused to submit to U$Srael and give up their economic and political independence. Some have even refused to use dollars in oil trade. Thus the U$Srael has used both its media and military power to demonize them as “aggressive” and “anti-Semitic” and subjugate them with military encirclement, economic warfare and attempted color revolutions. The power of U$Srael to both brainwash and censor is now so great that it is becoming a global police state.


The power of U$Srael is so obvious that few Jews have tried to deny it. Instead they either ignore it or have turned it into an anti-Semitic narrative where demonic Arab states together with anti-Semitic Russians and Chinese are trying to destroy the West and its “democratic outpost” Israel. U$Srael rules.


Six Steps To Global Hegemony. How U$Srael Rules The World



5. Cover-up

World history is so simple. It is the ancient story of a cuckoo. Jews who refuse to assimilate are Cuckoo nationalists. From this automatically follows the 2000 year conflict with Europeans and the four stages of European history: First Diaspora Jews arrive and refuse to assimilate, then they start financing the statist Fatal Embrace and obtain a money machine which then finances democratization and the counter-cultural Culture of Critique and finally the globalist U$Srael. All this is almost unavoidable because the Whites are genetically more naive and thus easily duped. The only way to kick the cuckoo out is to make Whites understand that the cuckoo problem is very real for Whites.


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If people just knew the Cuckoo story everything would change. This is precisely why many Jews have transformed the three ideologies which used to warn about Jews: conservatism, socialism and libertarianism. Conservatism is now neoconservatism, socialism neosocialism and libertarianism neolibertarianism. The Jewish take-over of libertarianism has been the most consequential because only libertarians have scientifically studied the statist centralism of the Fatal Embrace. They have always battled against it. This is why for over 100 years the Jewish libertarians have done everything to hide and obfuscate the crucial Jewish role in the Fatal Embrace. At the same time these Jews have destroyed liberty and doomed the Western civilization.


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Will truth set us free? It might be too late. The Jews now dominate universities, schools and the media. They can brainwash the masses and censor those who spread the truth. However, the power of a simple idea and dramatic narrative can be enormous. Perhaps the spell can be broken and people set free. Share this article and tell your friends the story of the Cuckoo.




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  1. 2000 years later. Retard white american: We must fight for Israel. We have to fight for Israel. :D The main problem is retartedness and natural openess and wokeness or white people. It always destroys white people. If only the Knights Templar would have followed “the japanese” model, they would have totally wiped out everybody else and their organization would still exist!

  2. Now whites are making the last mistake, accepting the zionist police state to be under control forever. What ever happens in the future, you cant cry about “the 6 million” or about some gas chamber lie. Those cards are played and masks have fallen now. People will one day know who was behind the french and soviet revolutions, all modern wars, the Soviet Union, socialism and communism.

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