Free speech January 27, 2021


Jews helped King Philip IV to destroy the Templars because they had created a European wide banking network that competed with Jews.


Plus the Templars were always very critical of the Jews. They refused to let the Jews visit Jerusalem.


So it is no wonder that the Jewish Hollywood has not made one good crusader movie. In fact, practically all the crusader movies have been European.


Except one: The Kingdom of Heaven.


Not surprisingly it portrayed the medieval Europeans as barbaric nihilists. In fact, the truth is the opposite. The culture and living standards were higher in Europe than anywhere in the world. And the Europeans were also very spiritual and religious.


The movie also demonizes the Templars while it lauds muslims – and of course – the Jews.


Luckily The Real Crusader History channel reveals all the lies. First 5 biggest lies.



Here three historians explain what the crusades were really like.