Marco de Wit January 23, 2021


Raping non-Muslim captured women is sanctioned in Muslim religion. This is why the fate of enslaved Christian women was terrible.


The situation of Muslim women captured by Christians was very different. They were not raped or turned into a sex slave.


However, they were often killed.


It is absolutely remarkable that even after bloody fights and great risks the crusaders seem not to have raped the female Muslim captives. Such behaviour is almost unheard of in the ancient world. That is a testament to their religiousness and the hold the Church had over them.





A general intro to Crusades.




1 thought on “The Fate of Captured Women During the Crusades

  1. Gods mercy to the women and children who have been fallen and are falling as victims. Unlike in the past, men have become real cowards who do not fight for christian women and children.

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