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Historians are usually court historians, i.e. they serve the rulers.


No wonder the historians are very interested in critically studying the ruling elites of antiquity but not the modern ones.


But there are two exceptions: The Marxists and the Austrian school.


Unfortunately the Marxists concentrate on “laws of history” and do not go into details.


Fortunately the Austians do. Especially Murray Rothbard.


He named the names and showed how the ruling elite is run by the Rockefellers together with Rothschilds and the British aristocracy.


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Marco de Wit has extended Rothbard’s analysis by emphasising the role of the Bush family.


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See also the Big Picture:


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1 thought on “Who rules the world? RWE, The Rockefeller World Empire!

  1. Most historians are cowards and not real men and women. There are only few exceptions of real historians.

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