8 thoughts on “Mocking the Vaccinated Goyim With The Magic Six Million

  1. People surviving the current genocide will one day know who are the true evil people and murderers.

  2. Who are these people who are given the right to do anything they want, genocide and massmurder? These untouchables? Why do we allow this?

  3. I didn’t got it. There the numerology went? OK, there was six million, but where came tshi 3*2??

  4. 6 million, 6 million, 6 million died, 6 million there, 6 million here, 6 million, only 6 million left, they killed 6 million… Pure bullshit and they know it very well. Who could be that dishonest and arrogant to have the balls to claim about the 6 million?

  5. How many hundreds of millions of goyim some have killed? Where is the responsibility of actions and the truth of events?

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