Free speech January 10, 2021


TIK: “The Axis had overrun much of the western Soviet Union In 1942. And going off the available evidence, it appears that their economy was on the brink of collapse.”


Exactly! Without American material aid the Soviet Union would have collapsed.


So Hitler made a mistake when he declared war against America in 1941.


Of course, he did it because Japan could have destroyed the Soviet Union.


Who could have expected the Japanese to be so stupid that they never attacked the Soviet Union.


So the arch-racist Hitler gambled his fate on stupid mongoloids and lost.








1 thought on “How close was the Soviet Union to Collapse in 1942-1943?

  1. And as even today, the american people are the source and strongest supporters of pure evil. If american wouldnt have never existed, the world would literally be a much better place. Hitler almost saved Europe and european people, until our enemy, american came to rescue evil as always. Will american people ever confess that they are the enemy of humanity, rights and liberties? Are they really this stupid or are they completely pure evil? They are even fighting for Israel, besides the Soviet Union!

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