Free speech January 8, 2021


NTD News Today—01/07/2021

1. Trump: ‘Only the Beginning of Our Fight’

2. Sen. Ron Johnson Writes on Election Fraud

3. 4 Dead on Capitol Grounds, 52 Arrested

4. Capitol Police Criticized Over Breach

5. Congressman Announces Positive Virus Test

6. Jenna Ellis ‘ Deeply Disappointed’ in Pence

7. Twitter, Facebook Freeze Trump Accounts

8. Biden Reacts to Washington, D.C., Protests

9. Biden Nominates Merrick Garland to AG Post

10. Georgia Dems Take Win, Perdue to Challenge

11. US Poll: Looking Forward to Travel in 2021


Congress certifies U.S. electoral college votes for Joe Biden as President Donald Trump says he will keep fighting to make America Great Again; we have updates on a woman who is dead after being shot in the Capitol building yesterday; and Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis says she is “deeply disappointed” Vice President Mike Pence did not reject disputed electoral votes.





1 thought on “NTD News: Trump reacts after Biden certified; Facebook bans Trump until Jan. 20

  1. Has Mike Pence been involved with having sex with little children in Mossads pedophile ring or has he just been Mossads/MI6’s double agent all along and they just revealed that Mike Pence is our man as well? I can imagine that they promised him pretty much anything he wants and Pence is a very weak man.

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