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Most of Disney Plus’s subscriptions were from loss leaders and giveaways like the Verizon deal but the Return of Luke generated NEW subscriptions.  Disney hasn’t released any numbers but the execs at Fort Mickey were doing cartwheels and handstands when they saw them.

Disney is in hideous financial shape due to Covid-19. On top of that, the company has had a string of disasters both in terms of money and PR.  From the NBA’s failed mini-season to Mulan’s catastrophic debut on Disney Plus to the massive lay-offs at Disneyland.  There hasn’t been any good news for the House of Mouse this year.  Until Luke Skywalker blew the doors off and dragged in a buttload of new subscriptions for Disney Plus.

Hero Luke’s critical importance to Disney at this juncture can’t possibly be overstated.

Then, out of the blue, members of Lucasfilm started going after both Hero Luke and the fans that were brought to tears by his return.  …


Marvel Comics destroyed their sales completely five years ago by going super Woke.  Getting rid of the characters that built their company and replacing them with revolting SJW caricatures of them.

Yet these characters that wrecked Marvel Comics are being brought to the small screen.  Iron Heart, Squirrel Girl, Hulkie McBeal, Kamala Khan, and many other disastrous failures are heading to Disney Plus. Girl Thor is headed for the big screen (currently).


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