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There was and is no state of emergency, with hospitals or intensive care units overcrowded everywhere and seriously ill patients or dead people as far as one can see, in everyone’s immediate circle of acquaintances or even lying on the street, that would have given cause for a fundamental change in our lifestyle. On the whole, life would have continued as before. No reason to panic or to declare a global health emergency.


In fact, the total number of deaths in 2020, for example, in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland has by no means risen dramatically, as should have been expected in view of the unprecedented political emergency decrees this year. Rather, the figure is well within the range of past years. Indeed, controlling for the growing population size and its increasing over-aging, there have even been years with more deaths, but people have never previously resorted to comparably drastic and severe “rescue operations” as is currently the case. And even where there is excess mortality, it is by no means clear whether this is due to the coronavirus or if there are entirely different causes, such as the consequences of the lockdown. So, it is not corona that has changed the world, but politicians who have used corona as a pretext to change the world to their advantage.


The radical—economically ruinous—departure from the normal course of events that is currently taking place is not owed to a fundamental change in the world of facts or science. Neither facts nor science provides a basis for justifying a global “new normal” or a “great reset.” It is the result of deliberate machinations on the part of political elites to expand their own power base through lies and deceit, misinformation, deception, and endless propaganda on a hitherto unknown and unheard-of scale.


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  1. We need to get these psychopath murderers for heavy verdicts. Something that a sick psychopath mass murderer deserves.

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