Marco de Wit January 2, 2021


Android experts David & David tell you about the nine #Android #settings you should turn off immediately. These 9 simple #tips will help you save battery life by taking the load off of your Android phone’s processor, and help protect your personal privacy.


We recorded this video using a #Samsung #Galaxy #S10 running Android 10. If you have a different phone, or if your Android is running a different version of the OS, the Settings app may look slightly different, but these tips will still work!

0:49 Turn Off Nearby Device Scanning

1:09 Choose Which Apps Can Run In The Background

2:42 Turn Off Usage And Diagnostic Information

3:13 Turn Off Ad Personalization

4:17 Turn Off Improve Accuracy

4:43 Turn Off Google Location History

5:09 Turn Off Network Data Analytics

5:34 Restrict Background Data For Specific Apps

6:22 Turn Off Install Unknown Apps Compare every cell phone, every plan, and coverage maps on UpPhone:





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