Free speech December 30, 2020



We all need something higher to believe in or our soul dies.


We also need a mission to die for. Or we will never truly live.


However, we are programmed to live to the fullest only under adversity. Whenever life becomes too easy we start to die from within.


Do not fear. Holy War is coming.





“Where there is uncertainty, I shall bring light

Where there is doubt, I shall sow faith

Where there is shame, I shall point atonement

Where there is rage, I shall show its course

My word in the soul shall be as my bolter in the field.”








2 thoughts on “What Is Your Duty?

  1. Our group, our nation and our next generation must be our duty. There have always been weak and pitiful men who get crushed during evolution. Evolution shows no mercy for the weak and weak men. Under low levels of stress we start to doubt the obvious and most important, our mission, our purpose in life, we start to question importance of life.

  2. We need to welcome the storm. People will have a reason to live and create new life, the next generation. Only through death we will embrace life.

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