Marco de Wit December 27, 2020
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It is sad but true: There is only war. Not only between states but also between individuals. Get over it and start acting accordingly. Be a Man.


Natural order vs. double standard

We are all evolved to know what is true and what is right. We almost instinctively understand rationalism and the non-aggression principle. This is because otherwise human societies could never have developed in the first place.


We all agree in general about property rights. We all agree that you and I have rights to our bodies and interaction must be contractual. It is also easy to agree that we have the right to the fruits of our labor and the right to exchange them contractually.


We agree on all this but still at the same time we can immediately find countless excuses why we personally have the right to temporarily violate the rules. We personally are always the exception because we all also evolved to become free riders with double standards. Sure, people have right to control their body, relationships, property and businesses. Sure, individual rights and free contractual relations are fair but sometimes it is more fair if I have the right to intervene in the use of your body (rape, enslavement), property (cheating, stealing/taxes) and exchanges (monopolies, cartels).


Raping, robbing and enslaving others have always taken place though they usually require large groups. But single individuals also aggress all the time by cheating in contractual interactions. This can also be seen in marriage relationships in which both parties usually promise more than are willing to deliver. Both are willing to cheat because the alternative to live alone or with some less desirable partner is too frightening. The same happens also with friendships but in marriages the stakes are higher because of shared property and children. This is why there is more cheating between spouses than between friends.


Throughout history cheating, stealing, enslaving and other aggressions have always been seen as normal and even heroic. Odysseys was considered heroic because he was a good cheater and always ready to use violence to get what he wanted. Similarly in Arab, Jewish, Chinese and African culture. Cheat or be cheated. Only the strong and devious prosper though sometimes it was considered immoral to cheat and aggress against your own friends and family. But others were always fair game.


Christian morality

Individual rights and private arbitration was always natural for White and especially Germanic tribes but it was only in Christianity that there was a systematic attempt at universal morality, natural law, individual rights and social harmony. It was the Church and the decentralised nature of Germanized Europe in the Middle Ages that created a feudal network of trust and loyalty. There was a balance of power between the Church and the Holy Roman Empire that let freedom grow into a Christian civilization.



Holy Roman Empire



If you were an obvious cheater that was soon revealed in private arbitration. The word spread and your reputation suffered. It was more difficult to find friends, potential spouses and business partners. This sort of private arbitration is what created the Western Miracle in the Middle Ages. There developed arbitration networks, merchant law and feudal relationships which were based on trust.


People could trust each other. Cheating strangers became sinful and chivalry became noble. Religious military orders multiplied. Cheaters were kept in check. Natural order was upheld with a firm hand.




The contrast between the values of the Christian West and the Barbaric East became enormous. This was already seen during the Crusades. John Derbyshire points out:

Above and beyond this, if we are to take sides on the Crusades after all these centuries, we should acknowledge that, for all their many crimes, the Crusaders were our spiritual kin. I do not mean only in religion, though that of course is not a negligible connection: I mean in their understanding of society, and of the individual’s place in it. Time and again, when you read the histories of this period, you are struck by sentences like these, which I have taken more or less at random from Sir Steven Runciman’s History of the Crusades: “[Queen Melisande’s] action was regarded as perfectly constitutional and was endorsed by the council.” “Trial by peers was an essential feature of Frankish custom.” “The King ranked with his tenant-in-chief as primus inter pares, their president but not their master.”

If we look behind the cruelty, treachery, and folly, and try to divine what the Crusaders actually said and thought, we see, dimly but unmistakably, the early flickering light of the modern West, with its ideals of liberty, justice, and individual worth. Gibbon:

The spirit of freedom, which pervades the feudal institutions, was felt in its strongest energy by the volunteers of the cross, who elected for their chief the most deserving of his peers. Amidst the slaves of Asia, unconscious of the lesson or example, a model of political liberty was introduced; and the laws of [the Frankish Kingdom of Jerusalem] are derived from the purest source of equality and justice. Of such laws, the first and indispensable condition is the assent of those whose obedience they require, and for whose benefit they are designed.

None of the other players in the great drama of the Crusades had anything like this to show. The Fatimids were a degraded and lawless despotism, in which none but the despot had any rights at all. The aforementioned caliph Al-Hakim, for example, took to working at night and sleeping in the daytime. Having embraced this habit, he then imposed it on his subjects, forbidding anyone in his dominions, on pain of death, from working during daylight hours. He also, to enforce the absolute confinement of women, banned the making of women’s shoes. (Thirteenth-century Muslims were just as shocked by the freedom and equality of Western women as fundamentalist Muslims today are.) 

Link to Catholic

Christian culture encouraged not only harmonious relationships but also honest trading. Organizations and communities became contractual and you could always vote with your feet. This led to both cultural and economic competition which finally freed mankind from both barbarism and the consequent Malthusian trap.



Institutionalized cheating

The natural order limited usury and almost stopped fraudulent fractional reserve banking. Templars created European wide banking system that offered safe banking and cheap credit. However, the Jewish bankers were not going to accept that. Instead they financed the kings in return for banking monopolies and cartels. 


Gradually kings were able to create the apparatus of state with a standing army, police and bureaucracy. Now it was possible to start institutionalize cheating on a large scale by limiting private arbitration and supplanting it with government courts. Cheating in economic interaction become institutionalized with government courts and regulations that usually created monopolies and especially cartels. The more advanced the exchange economy the more people aggress by limiting exchange relations with monopolies and cartels. This usually also includes education cartels so that only a limited number of students are allowed to obtain degrees in certain professions such as lawyers, engineers and doctors. Certain groups are also protected from competition with affirmative action.


Also cheating in personal interaction became institutionalized. Divorce was regulated in such a fashion that it was easier for only the other party to dominate the marriage or obtain divorce, property and children. (First for men, now for women.) Later relationship cartels were also expanded by developing a caste system and hate speech laws where only the feelings of certain groups are protected while others are demonized.



Since states are vehicles of institutionalized cheating it is not surprising that among the states there has always been only war. Or more precisely: Either hot or cold war. Each state is trying to gain local or global hegemony by not only preparing for hot war but also by building alliances and attempting to break the hostile states from inside with economic sanctions, color revolutions and the like.


The states are not only at war against each other but also against their own citizens which they subjugate with propaganda, censorship and violence so that they can be fleeced through taxes, monopolies and cartels.


The competition between states increases exploitation because each state needs to tax and regulate as much as possible in order to have a large army and navy. If one state decided to stop exploiting its citizens and become pacifist soon others would attack and destroy it. On the other hand if one state exploits its citizens much more than other states then the citizen resistance will increase to the point of rebellion. In worst case scenario the rebels will join forces with other states. The level of exploitation will thus be determined by both the rebelliousness of the people and the level of competition between states. However, this does not stop exploitation but only makes sure that the increase of exploitation proceeds slowly but surely in a coordinated fashion together with other states. There is an automatic trend toward increasing exploitation and ever larger states or hegemonies.



Ruling elite

The states used to be ruled by a ruling elite consisting of a king and aristocracy until they were supplanted by an alliance of Jewish led bankers. This process started in 1694 when Jewish and English bankers developed a special money machine (central bank) that made large scale fraudulent fractional reserve banking possible. The money machine got legal privileges (monopoly and cartel rights) by offering loans to the king of England and the leading aristocracy.


The power of this money machine was first limited by the gold standard that put a limit on the amount of money that could be created from nothing. However, this money machine made the credit of British Empire strong and thus gradually made it the leading world power. Soon other states also adopted the fractional reserve banking system.


The money machine also allied with Big Business and gradually they took over not only the whole economy of British Empire but also together with Morgan family the American Empire. During World Wars they extended their power until the whole world was under the pound and dollar standard.



After the World Wars Big Bankers made also sure that virtually the whole world would become safe for democracy because with their money machine they could always buy off politicians and their parties. If this could not be fully achieved outright like in America then usually a great compromise was made whereby Big Business made an alliance with labor unions. Labor unions were allowed to cartellize by allowing minimum wages and increasing work regulations. This hurt non-unionized workers and hampered small businesses but that gave an competitive advantage to Big Business.

Sometimes the alliance also included farmer organizations who were given tariffs and especially agricultural subsidies. This is how we got the European system of Big Business controlled right-wing parties, Big Agro controlled center party and Big Labor controlled leftist parties



Big Bankers increased their power by gradually going off from the gold standard. Finally in the early 70s gold was ditched altogether and the petrodollar system led by U$Srael was born. This made it possible to faster increase the amount of money and totally take over the economy. Now only two dozen conglomerates control the world economy. Naturally these have taken over the media which is now controlled by six media companies and a few Big Tech companies. This has made it even more easy to control and censor citizens.


European Union

The Big Banks rule the world but they have one problem. Now that they are creating ever more money from nothing the banking system is becoming like a house of cards. This is why they have to create ever bigger political unions which during bank panics can bail out the banks with taxpayer money.


This means that nationalism must be crushed and that can be only done by breaking up the natural family, tribal and national units with cultural marxism and open borders. Only in this way is it possible to create globalism and an European Union that together with American Union, China and Japan can bail out the banks during the next inevitable bank panic. It is also important that the consequent great depression can be blamed on a virus pandemic so that the people do not rise against fractional reserve banking money machine.


All this is the inevitable result of the creation of modern states by bankers. Everything else then followed logically. It is not only necessary for the ruling elite to steal money from citizens but also to break and enslave them into mindless atomistic consumer-automates.

So, what should you do?


Simple: Help destroy the money machine that finances and organizes the destruction of Western Civilisation.


A. Have faith

Trust God and defend his will, the natural order. It is your mission. Be psychologically strong and have faith in God.


B. Control yourself

Make sure that you control your nerves and are in good physical shape. Exercise and learn to use guns and other weapons. Don’t be a couch potato. Healthy mind in a healthy body.


C. Realise that the world is now an asylum

With the collapse of Christian culture and the average IQ virtually everybody else is a crazy lunatic that will cheat and attack you whenever he or she gets the chance. Europe is devolving into Africa. However, the crazies and retards might hate you but they instinctually look up to you and rarely mess with you if behave fairly but strictly.


Help people but never trust them. Remember that there is no more left and right but insane and sane. There is now only war. The world is full of evil demonic wokes, insane witch feminists, dangerous immigrant xenos and cowardly White heretics. All these are organized by demoncrats who are led and financed by heretical Wasp bankers and Zionist xenos.



D. Control your wife and children

Women and children want to be controlled and given guidance but you have to earn their trust and respect. Love them but be also a strict and fair leader. However, if you live in a modern society it will probably be only a matter of time before they are corrupted and turn against you.

Be ready but do not despair. You have given a good genetic and moral foundation to your children and they will be better for it. They will thank you when they have their own children and understand how good father you were. If they don’t, then remember that both genetic destiny and regression to the mean are part of the natural order. Not all children will turn good whatever you do.


E. Work and save

It does not really matter what kind of job you have. Be proud of your work and save your money in gold, silver and some cryptocurrencies. Be ready for the great depression. If possible own guns and practice in military arts.

Economic depression and civil war is coming. Holy War will soon start. Then you have the chance to directly deal with the insanely evil demons and heretics. Remember that wars are won beforehand with good preparation and practice. Long game always wins.


F. Support the Crusade

Be active in your community grassroots organizations. Join the republican or some other conservative party. Don’t expect that you can do much but it is important that you are in place when the great depression and civil war starts.

You do not have to jeopardize your career and social network. It is OK to be undercover and behave like a moderate especially if you have children. You can still openly oppose the Fed and fractional reserve banking without having to explain the ethnic background of the bankers because you can always support the purists and truth-sayers with small financial donations. Giving 20 dollars a month to a purist organizations or political candidates is enough to give them a supporting signal and be part of the crusade.


G. Be ready

God has a plan. The flood is coming and natural order will be restored. Have faith and be ready.





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2 thoughts on “Why There Is Only War? How To Fight?

  1. You have to understood, it’s business. During the times everything You concur, You own it. It was those days business. And it still same nowadays. Oil, gas, minerals (Finish) all are concured, but nowadays more money than war’s. It is cheaper and faster.

    So, when american, swedis, dutch, israelis and chinise companies are working in Our country, they have concur those areas. And they make money with it. The have payed to politics and as an return, god permission to Our land.

    And after a little while, as allways, concurer get full power in new areas. So, in Finland we can prepare to massacare. Finish holocaust. Thing where Sweden didn’t succeed before.

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