Marco de Wit December 26, 2020


Jeffrey Epstein’s pedoring was the biggest news story in 2019. However, the mainstream media did its best not to mention that Epstein was a Jew with connections to Israel and Mossad. Even some nationalists like Steve Sailer were downplaying the Mossad connection.


Steve Sailer: Pedophile Epstein not Mossad agent


So the chief editor of The Holy Crusade News, Marco de Wit decided to reveal the Mossad connection and published the Epstein Pedoscandal Mossad Timeline in Finnish Laiton Lehti. Soon it was also published by the headquarters of Alternative Media,


Link to



The author of the timeline, Marco de Wit explained the timeline in a Youtube video and also thanked Mr. Ron Unz for publishing it.



Youtube took down the video in three hours:

Click the picture


No problem. We uploaded the censored video to Bitchute.


Video: Epstein pedo-scandal Mossad-timeline


It is unclear why Youtube censorship was so much greater against Marco de Wit than other writers. His videos were taken down even when he was not using the J-word (Jewish) or speaking about Mossad. One reason for the extreme censorship might have been that de Wit had also written about Finnish Jews who had been going after anti-Zionist writers in Finland.


The Finnish connection to the Epstein Pedo Scandal


However, the censorship was not the only problem. Many commentators at started saying that Epstein did nothing wrong! He was a nerdy persecuted Jew who just liked to have sex with 16-18 year olds and there is nothing wrong in that.


So Marco de Wit then wrote a second timeline where he showed that Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine were also interested in tweens and pimped them to the ruling elite. published that article too:


Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Boss Ghislaine Maxwell Helping Mossad Run Pedophile Rings For Prince Andrew And The Ruling Elite?


However, many people at still did not want to believe the role of Mossad in running international pedophile rings. Here Marco complains that Americans are afraid to criticize Israel.



So Marco decided to write a third part of the Epstein saga emphasizing not only the role of Israel and U$Srael but also Donald Trump and his wife Melania. However, this time Ron Unz did not want to publish it. The article also contains a summarizing video.


Israeli and Russia connections to Epstein pedoscandal finally revealed in the British press. Trump behind the expose?


During 2020 Ghislaine was finally arrested but now both the mainstream and alternative media are very quiet about her. Nothing to see here. The Mossad connected pedo madame of the ruling elite is not that interesting.


Here are the most important videos in chronological order:


1. The first and original video that was censored multiple times.


1b. In this video Marco de Wit thanks Ron Unz for publishing the timeline.



2. This video explains the second part of the trilogy that emphasises Ghislaine Maxwell’s role.




3. This third part of the trilogy emphasises Israel and also points out the role of Trump and Melania.













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  2. Ghislde had nice body when she was younger. But I never would touch her, because from face You can recognice her to a jew.

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