Free speech December 20, 2020


The “citizenist” science blogger, Steve Sailer is famous for noticing politically incorrect things. He has influenced many conservatives with his insights into the minds of SJWs, wokes and demoncrats.



However, at the same time he refuses to notice the coup d’etat against Trump while at the same time demanding extensive lockdowns that trample our rights.


So he was presented with this question:



There can be many explanations for Sailer’s strange logic. One might be that he himself is a cancer survivor who now worships Big Pharma. Sailer is terrified of viruses and demands lockdowns. Boomers – such as Sailer himself – must be saved no matter the cost.


Perhaps this also explains why he ignores the vote fraud and coup d’etat against president Trump. Afterall, Trump was against the pandemic hoax and especially lockdowns. So obviously he is unfit to be president.



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