Free speech December 15, 2020


Incredible. Google has now started to censor political blogs especially IF they provide good info on the US election fraud.


Of course, you will be even more certainly censored if your blog is alt-right and rationalist like Vox Day blog.


The fact that Vox Day blog is gentleman like and highly intelligent makes things just worse.


Obviously the blog is full of hateful intelligence! It must be censored:




Click details-button.




Click “visit this site” and finally you will be able to access Vox Day blog. However, there will still be a “dangerous”-warning on the upper left corner.


Click to access Vox Day Blog


Note that it seems only Google is censoring Vox Day. You can easily access the blog with Internet Explorer or Opera.


Do we again have an ethnic explanation for the censorship? Perhaps ADL has been busy again?