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Many believe that there is no such thing as a global Covid-19/Corona pandemic. These Covid skeptics usually base their claim on a virus hoax theory or/and a scamdemic theory.




Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has never been isolated and therefore there is no proof that it even exists. In fact there is no proof that any pathogenic viruses exist at all. Virus theory was developed in the 1800s without any actual proof that viruses exist. It was theorized that viruses are much smaller than bacteria.




When the electron microscope was developed in the 1930s it was noticed that isolating and photographing pathogenic viruses was much more difficult than anybody had anticipated. It also seems that electron microscopes destroy even living cells.


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Virologist Stefan Lanka has found and isolated many viruses but these are not pathogenic. He claims that purported pathogenic viruses have never been isolated. Photos of them seem to exist but they are fakes just like photos of unicorns.




Stefan Lanka went so far as to deny the existence of HIV virus.




But what about the measles virus. Certainly it must exist?


No, said Lanka.


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Lanka’s magazine Wissenschaft Plus has repeatedly contacted universities and government health departments and asked proof for the existence and scientific isolation of viruses. For some reason they refused to give proof. So Lanka offered 100 000 euros to anybody who could offer proof.

One student of medical science took up the offer but Lanka disputed the validity of his proof. The student then sued Lanka.



The court agreed with the student and ordered Lanka to pay 100 000 euros. Only then the Big Media got interested in the case.


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Lanka appealed to a higher court. This time the court seriously studied the case and Lanka and won.


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The victory was total. The student had to pay his legal fees of over 30 000 euros. Big Media went totally silent but Stefan Lanka was vindicated.


Stefan Lanka with supporters


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Now Lanka claims that Corona/Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus does not exist either.


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Jon Rappoport points out that even the CDC seems to admit they do not have an isolated virus.

The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020.

Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”


Video pointing this out was removed from Youtube but now it can be found from Bitchute.


Jon Rappoport explains that Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has not been isolated.




During the last few months Christine Massey has tried to ask officials proof for the isolation of the virus.






Of course, all this does not proof anything final. There could be alternative explanations:


  1. It is very difficult to properly isolate viruses
  2. Isolations have not been done properly so as to make it easier to start hoax pandemics


However, the burden of proof is on those who believe in Covid-19 or other pathogenic viruses, unicorns, Santa Claus, etc.


But how is it possible that practically all scientists are totally convinced of the existence of viruses despite obvious isolation problems? One explanation is the exosome theory which states that the virus-like particles are the result and not the cause of a disease. PCR and antibody tests only show correlation but do not prove causation. However, it is easy to understand why exosomes would be mistaken for viruses.



Exosome theory is often associated with the terrain theory which states that diseases are not caused so much by pathogenic bacteria or viruses but instead of nutritional deficiencies and toxicities. If you are healthy then bacteria are much less of a threat to your health. In fact, they are often even good for you!


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Unfortunately practically everybody has nutritional deficiencies. The most important nutritional deficiency is Vitamin D deficiency because modern people do not have enough mid-day sun exposure during summers. This lowers their blood serum levels of Vitamin D from the healthy 110 nmol/l to the unhealthy 20-70 nmol/l. The only practical way to raise the levels to optimal is to take daily 80-100 mcg of Vitamin D supplements. Otherwise you most probably will repeatedly suffer from flu and various other ailments.


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There are no flu viruses. Flu seasons are the result of lower Vitamin D blood levels in the spring. This also explains why the flu seasons occur in the Northern latitudes where even in summer it is very difficult to get enough Vitamin D from sunshine exposure.


Nutrient deficiencies have been made worse by Big Pharma which has attained regulatory capture. Because of intellectual property laws such as patent laws Big Pharma has an incentive to lower RDAs (recommended daily allowances) of non-patentable micronutrients like Vitamin D while increasing various poison and toxicity thresholds. This is why the recommended Vitamin D levels are far too low while accepted pollution levels are far too high.


Big Pharma profits by making people sick. However, this makes people suspicious so Big Pharma uses viruses as an excuse and makes a further profit by offering toxic vaccinations. These make people even more sick but it is easy to pin the deaths on viruses and cover up the facts with the help of captured regulatory agencies, AMA (American Medical Association) and the Big Media. 


The most important support for the virus hoax comes from the military-industrial-Big Pharma complex that controls CDC and uses the virus theory as a justification for mass control. It also makes it easy to conduct mail-in vote fraud if necessary whenever the ruling elite is threatened like it now is by Donald Trump.


If the people start rising against the ruling elite then virus and pandemic hoaxes will be used to declare martial law though the intelligence agencies might make the purported pandemic more “real” by locally spreading tuberculosis or possible even some experimental bacteria hybrids. In fact, many suspect that this sort of plandemic might be taking place right now.


It would be quite easy to test the virus theory. All you need is two control groups such as large villages. The other village has a natural lifestyle with full nutritional supplements but no toxicities, lockdowns, mask mandates or vaccinations. The people in the other village follow all official guidelines and therefore take hardly any nutritional supplements but allow some “reasonable” toxicities and pollution. Furthermore, they completely accept lockdowns, mask mandates and full vaccination schedules from infancy. Then start comparing these two villages in order to see where people are more healthy.


According to Big Pharma and government officials such an experiment would be highly unethical and even illegal. It would be unethical to let the natural village to take such huge risks. Just think of the children deprived of all those absolutely necessary lockdowns and vaccinations.


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Whatever the truth about viruses one thing seems certain: The fake isolation attempts are often as ludicrous as witch science.







Let us assume that Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) exists. However, let us also assume it is a relatively harmless virus like HIV.

AIDS epidemic was the first big scamdemic. There was no virus contagion. AIDS related diseases were caused by homosexual popper orgies, dirty needles of the drug addicts and polluted drinking water (in Africa). They all caused the destruction of immune systems.


Poppers. Link to Wikipedia


Poppers were very popular in the 70s and 80s especially among homosexuals.


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Popper orgies and dirty needles caused people to have various autoimmune diseases which made them even more susceptible to various bacteria and especially tuberculosis. The patients had caused the diseases themselves with unhealthy lifestyles and irresponsible behavior. However, the doctors made matters even worse by finishing them off with misdiagnosis and toxic drugs such as AZT. 


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Many doctors went even so far as to give AZT and other toxic drugs to children. Here is one advertisement in the highly respected medical journal, Lancet.


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The HIV virus correlates with health problems and this has made it possible to misdiagnose ordinary diseases as caused by HIV. Various diseases like tuberculosis caused by immunosuppression are often misdiagnosed as AIDS because of political correctness and Big Pharma profits.

Fortunately AIDS hoax was debunked by two leading virologists: Peter Duesberg and the nobelist Kary Mullis.



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Soon many homosexuals realized not only the dangers of poppers and AZT but also the lies of Big Pharma. This ended the AIDS “epidemic”.


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Big Pharma had a back-up plan. They started claiming that AIDS had spread to Africa. However, this time Big Pharma faceed political opposition. The president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki tried to oppose the AIDS paradigm with the help of Peter Duesberg.


“In 2000, Mbeki called together a round table of experts, including Duesberg and his supporters, but also their opponents, to discuss the cause of Aids. Later that year, at the International Aids conference in Durban, he publicly rejected the accepted scientific wisdom. Aids, he said, was brought about by the collapse of the immune system – but not because of a virus.”


Soon Mbeki was accused of causing 300 000 deaths and was quickly silenced by the international community. Mbeki agreed to take “a vow of silence on the issue”.



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Let’s assume that Covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) exists and is pathogenic but not much more dangerous than a flu virus. However, the correlation with health problems has made it possible to misdiagnose various health problems as caused by Covid-19.


The PCR test does detect minuscule particles of the virus but so what? Viral debris is hardly dangerous. Even if small quantities of the live virus can be found in the individual they are still harmless. This is why virtually all carriers are asymptomatic. We all probably have minuscule quantities and parts of all kinds of viruses in our body. The PCR and antibody tests are just fear mongering. In fact, the inventor of PCR, the nobelist Kary Mullis was very skeptical of the PCR virus tests.


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Here is Kary Mullis speaking.



Kary Mullis continues:

“Guys like Fauci get up there and start talking; He doesn’t know anything really about anything.” “The man thinks that he can take a blood sample and stick it in an electron microscope, and if it’s got a virus in there you will know it. He doesn’t understand electron microscopy, and medicine, and he should not be in the position like he’s in.”

“Those guys have an agenda!” They make up their own rules as they go, they change them when they want to, and they smugly, like Tony Fauci, does not mind going on television in front of the people that pay his salary, and lie directly into the camera.”


Mullis also pointed out that Tony Fauci refused to debate him.


Link to Fakeotuve video


In other words, PCR tests for Covid-19 are just a casedemic show. Furthermore, the PCR test can easily be manipulated by increasing the number of test cycles from 20 to 40 which then multiplies the number of positive test results. Presumably with 50 test cycles virtually everybody would be classified as “infected”.

This is also why the number of the test cycles is kept a secret or it is changed frequently. When the vaccines arrive it is then easy to lower the average number of the test cycles and miraculously the number of infected will also be lower. In this way it would look like vaccines work. 


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A Portuguese court also found the PCR tests very unreliable. explains:

In their ruling, judges Margarida Ramos de Almeida and Ana Paramés referred to several scientific studies. Most notably this study by Jaafar et al., which found that – when running PCR tests with 35 cycles or more – the accuracy dropped to 3%, meaning up to 97% of positive results could be false positives.

The ruling goes on to conclude that, based on the science they read, any PCR test using over 25 cycles is totally unreliable. Governments and private labs have been very tight-lipped about the exact number of cycles they run when PCR testing, but it is known to sometimes be as high as 45. Even fearmonger-in-chief Anthony Fauci has publicly stated anything over 35 is totally unusable.

You can read the complete ruling in the original Portuguese here, and translated into English here. There’s also a good write up on it on Great Game India, plus a Portuguese professor sent a long email about the case to Lockdown Sceptics.

The media reaction to this case has been entirely predictable – they have not mentioned it. At all. Anywhere. Ever.


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4. Theories vs. hard evidence


Virus hoax, scamdemic and pandemic theories are just theories. To determine which theory is right we need hard facts that can be independently verified and are as independent of all speculative theories as possible.


Hard facts can be found from the excess death statistics. After all, it would be quite difficult to fake the number of deaths. At least to a significant extent. So presumably we can at least trust the death statistics of US and many other developed countries. (China and North Korea not so much.)


One thing is certain. The original pandemic predictions of over two million deaths in the US were dead wrong. However, in many countries and US states there does appear to be some excess deaths in 2020.


The question is can they be explained with other factors such as seasonal flu, pollution, tuberculosis and lockdowns? This is the crux of the matter.


The gold standard of research are the CDC mortality graphs such as this total mortality vs. excess mortality estimate graph presented by the science blogger Steve Sailer and commented by hundreds of people.


Link to Steve Sailer blog


Note that the excess numbers are very low compared to the original predictions. The graph also raises several other red flags:


a)  Comparison should be per million inhabitants

This is especially important because between March 2017 and November 2020 US population rose about 3%. That means about 9 million inhabitants plus the non registered population. Furthermore, it seems obvious that the baseline should rise with the increase of population. Instead the baseline has been lowered for 2020.


b) Time scale is just three years when it needs to be at least 50 years

Three years is a very short time to do any kind of historical comparisons. Why not compare total deaths per million to the worst, best and average year during the last 50-100 years? Why not at least give a chart that tracks long time trends like this chart from Sweden. 



Since the CDC is not providing us with charts on long term trends private individuals have been trying to collect data. Here is one attempt to track the long term trends in the USA.


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Despite Sweden having many dark skinned immigrants and avoiding lockdowns there seems to have been no great increase in total deaths in 2020.




c) Missing age-adjustment

Boomers are entering their 70s at an accelerated rate which means a huge increase in the number of elderly. This is even more relevant considering that the vast majority of the purported Covid-19 death victims are over 60 years of age.

US population pyramid is literally becoming ever more old and sick. If you do not take this into account in historical comparisons you are comparing apples to oranges.


So why does CDC offer misleading excess mortality graphs? Why not give us a properly adjusted graphs? Perhaps because then we would realize that mortality is increasing in America naturally because ever more boomers are entering their 70s. You can see this in the following United Nations graph that shows historical and projected US deaths per 1000 people.


Link to Macrotrends



Explanations for excess deaths

It seems that after making the above mentioned necessary adjustments it is clear that there have been no great numbers of genuine excess deaths except in a few localities like in New York, Greater Milan, Italy and Wuhan, China. Even here the excess deaths might not have been caused by Covid-19 for the following reasons:


a) Dying from Covid-19 vs. with Covid-19

It is one thing to die with than from Covid-19. However, in New York hospitals are pressured or even paid to classify many ordinary deaths as Covid deaths. Many incompetent hospitals and doctors also like to pin the blame on Covid-19. This not only exaggerates Covid deaths but also makes it more difficult to study increase of deaths from other causes.


Link to Project Veritas


If you can easily classify normal deaths as Covid-19 deaths then you could also easily decide that there have been no Covid-19 deaths. This is what China’s neighbor Vietnam (with a population of 90 million) seems to have done.




b) Practically only very sick old people have died of the purported Covid-19 virus

Over 90% of all the purported Covid deaths have occurred among those over 55 who were already very sick, i.e. had comorbidities. Furthermore, is it not suspicious that the average age of a Covid death just happens to be close to the average life expectancy? All this points not to a deadly virus but some other cause. Why are we also locking down the working age population and even children?


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c) Dark skinned have much higher Covid-19 death rates

Dark skinned people die from the purported Covid-19 at least 2-3 times more than the white skinned. According to APM Research Lab:

Black, Indigenous and Latino Americans all have a COVID-19 death rate of more than 2.7 times White Americans, who experience the lowest age-adjusted rates.

The death rate is the bigger the darker the skin. In late March 2019 in Stockholm 6 out of the 9 purported first Covid deaths were Somalis.

The difference in the death rate between dark and white skinned is so big that it obviously points to Vitamin D deficiencies.


d) Vitamin D deficiencies are greatest in April

The spikes in excess deaths in April-May can largely be explained by Vitamin D deficiency. Both the elderly and the dark skinned have greatly reduced capacity to synthesize vitamin D in the skin upon sun exposure. This makes them highly susceptible to various diseases because the official daily RDA for Vitamin D is mere 10-20 mcg.

American Geriatric Society seems to care about elders and thus recommends daily 100 mcg (4000 IU) Vitamin D supplement.

For the population of older adults, a total average daily intake from all sources (diet, supplement, and sunlight) of 4,000 IU will ensure that more than 90% of the population will achieve serum 25(OH)D levels of 30 ng/mL. This is the serum level that will maximize the protection from falls and fractures that vitamin D can provide. The committee agreed with the IOM report that an average daily intake of 4,000 IU of vitamin D is safe.


Link to Todays Geriatric


The official line is very different. National Institutes of Health (NIH) claims that blood serum levels of only 50 nmol/L are sufficient and therefore there is only need for 10-20 mcg daily Vitamin D supplements.

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In the 1950s and 60s many doctors still recommended 100 mcg daily supplements but then Big Pharma gradually pushed them down to 10-20 mcg.


Interestingly, NIH is honest enough to note that the RDAs are disputed though does not mention the American Geriatric Society Guidelines. (Emphasis added with bold text)

Many other countries around the world and some professional societies have somewhat different guidelines for vitamin D intakes [15]. These differences are a result of an incomplete understanding of the biology and clinical implications of vitamin D, different purposes for the guidelines (e.g., for public health in a healthy population or for clinical practice), and/or the use in some guidelines of observational studies in addition to randomized clinical trials to establish recommendations [9,15].

The Endocrine Society states, for example, that to maintain serum 25(OH)D levels above 75 nmol/L (30 ng/mL), adults might need at least 37.5 to 50 mcg (1,500–2,000 IU)/day of supplemental vitamin D, and children and adolescents might need at least 25 mcg (1,000 IU)/day [11].

In contrast, the United Kingdom government recommends intakes of 10 mcg (400 IU)/day for its citizens aged 4 years and older [16].


Note that the RDA is even lower in the UK. This despite the fact that UK is located even norther than US!

No wonder that the so called Covid pandemic has hit very hard not only the British nursing homes but especially London and Birmingham where there are very many dark skinned immigrants. These immigrants from South Asia (mainly Pakistanis), Caribbean and Africa make up over third of London and almost half of the population of Birmingham. The British government is literally mass murdering them and elders with low RDAs.

Furthermore, note that even according to American CDC the flu season was mild in 2019 and thus it would not be surprising that it was much worse in 2020 especially with the increase of the population and especially those over 70 years of age. However, according to official statistics in 2020 much fever people have died from flu, pneumonia and other similar diseases. New York post

Flu deaths are down two-thirds from the five-year average … Pneumonia deaths in the US and across the city and state are down as well. For the week ending Oct. 17, deaths nationwide stood at 1,251 – down 60% from the five-year average of 3,106 for the same week.

What if many flu, influenza and pneumonia deaths were classified as Covid-19 deaths?


e) The dark skinned and the elderly have more bacterial infections

The low Vitamin D serum level makes both the elderly and the dark skinned susceptible to various diseases and bacteria such as tuberculosis which is latent especially in dark skinned immigrant communities in New York. These blacks and especially dark skinned immigrants often live with their elderly but early on were advised to stay in their crowded homes. However, they would still use the subways to travel to work and thereby spread tuberculosis and various other bacteria.

To make matters worse the immigrants and blacks are often used as cheap labor in New York nursing homes where the elderly are highly susceptible to bacteria because they have huge Vitamin D and other deficiencies caused by the low RDAs. The problem is made even worse by the fact that many of these bacteria have ever more resistance to antibiotics. Furthermore, in America and Europe health officials are afraid to point out that immigrants and dark skinned are an obvious risk group in spreading tuberculosis. Luckily the Japanese have no such inhibitions.


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North Italy and especially Greater Milan area is similar in many ways to New York area. In Greater Milan it is customary for many generations to live together in crowded homes. There are also many immigrants who use the Milan subway system and provide cheap labor for both factories and the nursing homes. To make matters worse it is customary among both North Italians and especially among the immigrants to avoid sunshine in order to appear as light skinned as possible.

All this would explain why the hardest hit seem to be those areas in the northern hemisphere where there are both a lot of dark skinned immigrants (or gypsies) and extensive subway systems. It also explains why the purported Covid-19 has hit the hardest few immigrant friendly Southern European cities such as Milan and Madrid plus a few Middle and Northern European cities such as Paris, London, Birmingham, Brussels and Stockholm which have both subway systems and many dark skinned immigrants. Interestingly, Berlin has not been hard hit despite having many immigrants. This might be because of the legacy of the Cold War it has very few dark skinned immigrants.


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It is naturally in the interest of both the Big Pharma and the Big Media/Tech to downplay the role of the immigrants in spreading infectious bacteria because noticing such an obvious fact is “racist” just like it was “homophobic” to notice the connection between AIDS and homosexual popper orgies. It is also better business for Big Pharma to ignore bacteria while obsess about viruses. However, it is surprising that many nationalists also refuse to notice the obvious. They are downplaying the role of the immigrants, low RDAs and infectious bacteria while pinning the blame on the purported deadly virus. 


f) Mixing the sick with the elderly

Both in New York and Greater Milan the elderly and the sick seem to have been mixed together. In North Italy the elderly are often not put into nursing homes but instead stay home until they get too weak and are put into hospitals. So hospitals double as nursing homes and the sick spread dangerous bacteria and infect the already weak elderly who suffer from low Vitamin D and other nutritional deficiencies.

In New York mixing also took place since Governor Andrew Cuomo shipped many hospital patients into nursing homes where they naturally infected many of the already greatly weakened elders. However, in both Greater Milan and New York the blame was pinned on a new highly contagious deadly virus, the Covid-19.


Link to Washinton Post


Note that they did not only mix sick with the elders but then made the bacteria prone dark skinned to take care of them. In New York many if not most rank-and-file employees in hospitals and especially in nursing homes seem to be dark skinned. Many of those employees are also overworked with 12 hour shifts but are seldom if ever tested for Vitamin D and other micronutrient deficiencies. And even if they were the officially recommended serum blood levels are so catastrophically low that even very high deficiencies would be considered normal.

In many parts of Germany and Switzerland Big Pharma has less power. Consequently their approach has been almost the opposite compared to New York and Greater Milan. In Germany doctors, nurses and ordinary people are much more aware of the importance of Vitamin D and micronutrient levels. Officials also have been concentrating on protecting the elderly and done their best to not overcrowd nursing homes. Elders are encouraged to avoid shopping and public transport. They are even given discounted taxi rides so that taxis do not cost more for them than public transport.

It is not only in nursing homes but also in the rest of the city, that elderly people are given extra protection. Special shopping times are reserved for seniors to help avoid contact, and discounted taxi rides and free masks are on offer for those in the high-risk group.



g) Air and radiation pollution

Both in New York and Greater Milan air pollution is relatively high. In fact, Greater Milan seems to have the worst air pollution in Europe. Nobody denies that air pollution has played a role in the Covid pandemic. Jim West notes:

“Many studies find that air pollution is the primary co-factor with the coronavirus. They stay politically safe by avoiding the short-term environmental trigger (short-term air pollution). They use the terms: “virus”, “co-factor”, and “long-term air pollution”. A recent Harvard study finds that vulnerables to the “virus” are generated by long-term air pollution.

A small increase in long-term exposure to PM2.5 leads to a large increase in COVID-19 death rate… 1 μg/m3 in PM2.5 is associated with an 8% increase in the COVID-19 death rate.[Wu_4/5/20]

A study from Tel Aviv University, describes the long-term NO2 air pollution component as a “most important contributor” to the COVID-19 pandemic.

[NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide)] is one of the most obvious contributors to fatality caused by the COVID-19 virus in these regions and maybe across the whole world. [Ogen_20]”


Air pollution might have been even worse this year because the oil refineries refine ever more fracked oil which seems to have relatively more cyanide and other toxic ingredients. To make matters worse these refineries are often located close to major population centers. Jim West notes:

It has come to light over recent years that refineries have far exceeded their regulatory limits for cyanide releases. While ignoring democratic concerns, they have applied for and are receiving extremely high release limits from regulatory commissions.
I. S. Trevino, Esq., of Earth Justice, May 14, 2019:

…hydrogen cyanide pollution from refineries is poisoning communities nationwide. Yet the EPA has failed to make these refineries clean up their act. 


Link to Harvoa-med


Couple all this with other pollutants such as traffic pollution, etc. the result could occasionally be toxic air cocktails. These can then be spread under special circumstances by air currents and hit hard especially the elderly. Both New York and Milan seem to be susceptible to such toxic air currents. Despite this government officials routinely downplay the dangers of air pollution. Only recently have things started to change.


Link to


The effects of air pollution could also have been made even worse by everyday toxins and new 5G towers which have increased radiation pollution in many big cities and especially around nursing homes. So it does not have to be any single pollutant but a combination of many pollutants that are the last straw for the sick elderly who have very low Vitamin D levels especially in the spring.


Link to The Oil Posse


h) Misdiagnosis

Doctors might be misdiagnosing and killing patients with ventilators or toxic drugs in similar manner that they killed AIDS patients. Jim West notes one possibility by referring to the above mentioned hydrogen cyanide pollution :

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell reported his observations of damaged lung membranes for COVID-19 symptoms in his New York City ICU (Intensive Care Unit):

Ventilators were not helping. They were actually damaging the already damaged lungs with air pressure and killing patients. Patients could breath fine (muscles were functioning well) but their lungs could not absorb oxygen efficiently. The disease was incorrectly defined by officials. He suggested low pressure 100% oxygen for hypoxia.


Jim West notes that the treatment for cyanide poisoning is also 100% oxygen for hypoxia.


Link to Harvoa-med


For some reason killing with ventilators seems to have been relatively frequent in New York. Many have speculated that the more ventilators were used the more money hospitals and doctors received from the government.




Jon Rappoport explains:

My conversation with Minnesota State Senator, Dr. Scott Jensen, took place after I read the explosive statement he made to FOX News, on April 9th. So let’s start with his earlier FOX statement [1]:

“Right now Medicare has determined that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000; three times as much. Nobody can tell me, after 35 years in the world of medicine, that sometimes those kinds of things [don’t] [have] impact on what we do…”

I reached out to Senator Jensen, and obtained clarification. Jensen told me his remark pertained to patients with Medicare coverage. And the 2 payouts he mentioned are standard insurance payments from Medicare which would go to the hospital.

Of course, he explained, some hospitals have a pay-share plan with their staff doctors. Therefore, a windfall for the hospital is passed along to those doctors.


Link to No More Fake News



5. Lockdown mania and the burden of proof

Science does not give us easy answers. It is difficult to test and falsify the virus theory because of the exosomes and the problems with electron microscopes and isolation procedures. It is also very difficult to test and falsify the pandemic theory because one can always easily reclassify flu seasons as new virus pandemics especially since the population is aging. In fact, one can always claim that a new wave is coming.



All we can say with absolute certainty is that the burden of proof is on those who demand lockdowns. And it seems clear that the lockdown enthusiasts have not proven their case beyond reasonable doubt.

Even if you believe that there is a dangerous pandemic killing hundreds of thousands sick elders in America (with a population of 335 million) it still does not follow that general lockdowns are necessary.

Lockdowns seem to have had no positive effects at all. This can be seen by comparing no-lockdown Sweden with lockdown USA. Note that both have many dark skinned people who work in nursing homes where most excess deaths occurred during April-May.

Note also that Sweden has much more dark skinned immigrants than its Scandinavian neighbors. Moreover they are often second or third generation immigrants who are relatively more integrated and work in hospitals and nursing homes. In many ways Sweden is almost as “diverse” as USA.


Link to Hail To


Belarus also has had no lockdown. In fact it has had even less Covid restrictions than Sweden. Despite all this it still has much lower deaths than many lockdown nations.

At a time many were embracing delusion, panic, and group-think, at a time millions began indoctrinating themselves into the Virus Cult, Belarus stayed totally open. It kept its sports leagues open, playing without missing a match, spectators and all. Nothing was closed. No masks. Nothing. This is how a visitor described it in late May:

“[S]chools remain open, as do cafés, restaurants, bars, shopping malls and most outdoor events. Indeed, many thousands of people lined the streets for the annual Victory Day parade on May 9th. Belarus has struck a refreshing balance: one which has not led to a population in fear of one another.”

On the Niall Ferguson model, Belarus should have had something over 100,000 coronavirus-caused and follow-on deaths from the mythical swamped hospitals, but the true number as of the provisional total through June 30 is 3,500 excess deaths (see table below).


Link Hail To



Link to Hail To



Many predicted in the summer that soon the death rate in Belarus would explode. This has not happened.

The population of Belarus is around 9.5 million. Of this population, as of December 12, 2020, a total of 1,263 deaths are recorded as being from Covid 19. … It goes without saying that 1,263 deaths out of a population of 9.5m is minuscule and hardly indicative of a deadly pandemic sweeping the country.


Link to


For some reason supporters of lockdowns do not to talk about Belarus. Why?

Belarus is also interesting in the sense that it shows what the economic dislocations of the 90s did to the death rate. The current lockdowns in the West could create similar economic dislocations.

The mortality effect of the Soviet economic and political collapse was therefore as much as 100 times worse than the Wuhan-Corona flu wave, and that is measuring on “body count” alone. Qualitatively, a lot of the excess deaths in the 1990s-2000s period were to people of working age either dying deaths of despair or suffering worse long-term health outcomes as a result of the dislocations. On the other hand, we know from data everywhere the age-and-condition profile of Wuhan-Corona deaths (elderly and frail, very seldom of working age). Incorporating both “body count” and qualitative age-condition profiles of those dying, the Soviet collapse is many hundreds of times worse for public health than the Wuhan-Corona flu wave. (Hail To You. Emphasis in original.)


Nobody denies that lockdowns have costs but for some reason lockdown supporters do not seem to want to talk about them. Effectively shutting down normal health care in many countries must have killed many people already in April-May 2020 and even more later especially in New York. Lockdowns also increase family problems, bankruptcies and unemployment which certainly increase mental health problems, drug abuse and even suicides. Never before have such extensive lockdowns taken place so we will know their full destructive effects only after many years. Even worse, lockdowns could also start a domino effect that could lead to global depression and civil wars.


Tom Woods notes that Richard Sullivan, a professor of cancer and global health at King’s College London and director of its Institute of Cancer Policy has this to say:

The number of deaths due to the disruption of cancer services is likely to outweigh the number of deaths from the coronavirus itself. The cessation and delay of cancer care will cause considerable avoidable suffering. Cancer screening services have stopped, which means we will miss our chance to catch many cancers when they are treatable and curable, such as cervical, bowel and breast.


Link to Tom



Woods also notes that the effects of the lockdown to the world economy have already created fatalities and untold misery. The lockdowns which are supposed to protect the elderly have the greatest negative impact on children. The boomer generation is the first generation in world history which puts itself ahead of children.

United Nations report in April warned that economic hardship generated by the radical interruptions of commerce could result in hundreds of thousands of additional child deaths in 2020. The report further warned that 42 million to 66 million children could fall into extreme poverty as a result of the crisis.


Tom Woods has been outspoken against the Covid Cult that demands mask mandates and lockdowns. This video got 1,5 million views until it was deleted by Youtube.


Link to Tom



It is not up to virus, pandemic and lockdown skeptics to prove their case. They do not have the burden of proof. Despite this they can still try to point out that the lockdowns simply do not work. However, even this might not be enough because it is possible to artificially increase mortality with prolonged lockdowns, mask mandates, toxic drugs and mass vaccinations. In fact, this seems to be happening right now so that the pandemic theory would have more “proof” and support. 


Government interventions and programs practically never stop. They just make the problem worse and thus create a demand for further interventions. When mortality increases during lockdowns and mass vaccinations this must be because the lockdowns were not strict enough and vaccinations were not obligatory. Government must have even more power to stop the invisible enemy. If the officials just had as much power as the Chinese and North Korean Communist Parties we would all be much more safe!


This blind faith in government is nothing new, of course. During the First World War Big Pharma and the government were pushing toxic mass vaccinations and then pinned the blame for resultant millions of deaths on the purported Spanish Flu. 


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Similarly in the 80s doctors were killing AIDS patients with toxic drugs such as ATZ and then this mass murder was used to convince the public of the seriousness of the purported AIDS epidemic. However, then two leading virologists, Peter Duesberg and nobelist Kary Mullis stepped up and made clear that there was no AIDS epidemic.

It might not be a coincidence that the purported Covid-19 pandemic started only few months after Kary Mullis died. After all, Mullis would certainly have put a stop to PCR test chicanery and Covid hysteria.



The Great Reset

It seems that Big Pharma has for decades carefully weeded out or silenced most independent medical scientists. However, all this does not have to be the result of a grand conspiracy. In fact, everything naturally follows from the intellectual property (IP) laws and the general cartellization of business which in turn are the inevitable result of violations of property rights, i.e. socialism.


IP laws and cartellization lead to not only the capture of the regulatory apparatus but the capture of the state itself. This in turn leads to Big Business corporatism and the double whammy of lower RDAs and higher pollution thresholds which not only automatically make people more sick but also create the vaccine industry which (unlike its customers) have total immunity.


Under corporatism, i.e. the rule of the Big Business the invisible hand is reversed and thus natural self-interest of the people creates an exploitative weirdo world where everything is upside-down. Instead of helping people/customers to become more healthy Big Business pushes them to take ever more unhealthy lifestyles while at the same time gradually poisoning them with expensive patented toxic drugs, products and pollution. The final elimination comes only after the individual has been squeezed out of all his money. Then he is killed with toxic drugs and ventilators while the government rewards the doctors who give the final blow and eliminate the isolated bankrupt patient.


But why is no-one figuring all this out? Certainly there must be many scientists who have realized that something if fundamentally wrong. In fact, they do exists especially in Germany but they are marginalized by the Big Pharma and censored by the Big Media and now even by the Big Tech.


Link to Brand New


The skeptics are not only censored but branded terrorist conspiracy theorists and threatened with fines, home arrest, jail and the loss of their job and income. Even health officials threaten skeptics. If you do not accept lockdowns and experimental vaccines then you will lose not only your civil but also health rights.


People who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine should not be able to access ventilators and other emergency measures if they become ill, a member of Germany’s Ethics Council told the mass circulation Bild newspaper.


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The fervor of this persecution and the coordinated nature of censorship points to a conspiracy that is systematically creating a Covid-19 cult in order to further globalism and protect the ruling elite. After all, whatever one thinks of Covid-19 the hysteria seems to fulfill all the criteria of a cult.


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It is easy to spot a Covid cultist:

  1. Thinks the science behind viruses, AIDS and Covid-19 pandemic is settled
  2. Refuses to study alternative theories even if they are by Nobelists such as Kary Mullis
  3. Refuses to demand the publication of the numbers of PCR test cycles
  4. Believes in Covid-19 pandemic but not in Vitamin D deficiency pandemic
  5. Believes that 10-20 mcg daily supplement of Vitamin D is enough in the Northern Hemisphere
  6. Refuses to demand the general free distribution of 80 mcg daily Vitamin D supplements
  7. Doesn’t demand a scientific comparison between a Big Pharma village and a natural village


The cult members are brainwashed but the cult leaders certainly know what they are doing. And they are systematically silencing key people. How else can you explain the blatant PCR chicanery:

Anthony Fauci himself has asserted that 35 cycles or higher makes the test result useless. Yet the FDA and the CDC recommend running the test at up to 40 cycles. This has opened the door to millions of false positives. [2] [3] The cherry on the cake? Test labs never tell doctors or their patients how many cycles are deployed in the test. [4]

… at labs all over the country (and the world), thousands and thousands of PCR tech employees understand the con, the hustle, and the crime—because they are participating in it EVERY DAY. They are all silent.

If 20 of them stepped forward and told the truth, we would see the PCR test wobble and the fakery called “case numbers” and “pandemic” and “lockdowns” start to crumble.


Link to No More Fake


But why the cult? What is the endgame? Simple. Just follow the money.


Both the virus and pandemic theory are especially valuable for the ruling elite of U$Srael because its cartellistic money machine (FED controlled fractional reserve banking system backed by the petrodollar system) causes ever more serious bank panics and economic depressions which now can be pinned on the monster virus.


Interestingly, many of the key people in the Covid Cult are Jews connected with Israel. Obviously there are also Jews who oppose the Covid Cult but it is no secret that both Big Pharma and AMA are dominated by pro-lockdown Zionist Jewish doctors and scientists. Big Media and Big Tech are even more dominated by Zionists and Jews connected with Israel.


Link to Occidental Observer


The strongest opposition to Covid hysteria and lockdowns can be found in Germany. And they are demonised by the Jewish Zionist organizations.


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However, the head priest of the Covid Cult is Bill Gates. He certainly is no Jew.  Instead, he is the proverbial Wasp, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant from an elite family.



This fits perfectly with the U$Srael theory. The ruling elite is composed of elite Wasps led by the Rockefellers and elite Jews led by the Rothschilds. The junior partners are the Saudis who help to run the petrodollar system and perhaps not coincidentally are also enthusiastically financing and supporting the Covid Cult. (Plus they can explain away the disastrous health effects of burkas and hijabs.)


Scamdemic is the only way the ruling elite can organize the Great Reset and stop masses from rebelling amidst the inevitable bank panic and Great Depression. Otherwise the masses would start supporting the banking reform movement led by the Swiss who through a referendum almost managed to eliminate the fractional reserve banking system in Switzerland.


Fractional reserve banking system is such a house of cards that it might collapse if only a few countries exit it. This could cause a domino effect that would destroy U$Srael and its imperial globalism. The ruling elite cannot take that risk. They can maintain their power only by a global scamdemic that not only pins the inevitable depression on a virus but also helps to organize a Great Reset and finally the global police state.


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The development of the Covid cult was practically inevitable. The fractional reserve banking system inevitably created a ruling elite which can protect its monopolist money machine only by declaring a pandemic.


Link to Holy Crusade News


The irony is that many of the most famous nationalists have joined the Covid Cult enthusiastically and thus are helping U$Srael and all the globalists to create a world police state which persecutes and finally eliminates also these very same nationalists. However, this was also inevitable since it is in the interest of the ruling elite to support empiricist and other relativist philosophies instead of rationalism.


It is those mathematically gifted empiricist nationalists who have revealed race differences and other HBD “hate facts”. However, these same technocratic nationalists easily fall for the lies of the “official science”. First, they are so mesmerized by statistics and mathematical projections that they fail to exercise due methodological diligence.



Second, they dislike “conspiracy analysis” since they want to see statistical evidence. Third, they believe in the sanctity of natural science and even mainstream medical science. They have hard time believing that “hard” sciences could be fundamentally corrupted by political correctness, Big Business greed, false paradigms and conspiracies of the ruling elite. They rather believe that office fires imploded WTC 7 or that we need a police state to protect us from all those deadly new viruses.



But could we all at least agree that the burden of proof is on those who want to destroy our liberties? After all, nothing stops those who fear viruses to stay home or use a gas mask in public. Just don’t trample on our rights.



Unfortunately, you cannot reason with a cult. Unless they are stopped fast they will continue to attack our liberties and bring down the Western civilization.


All the Covid cultists out there wish you a Merry Crisis and a happy New Fear.


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