Marco de Wit December 9, 2020


Major activity in the election litigation world with new electoral fraud filings at the United States Supreme Court. Ted Cruz offers to argue Pennsylvania case in front of SCOTUS. Texas files suit against four states over their election conduct. Democrats respond and oppose grants of certiorari. And more! Join defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler to discuss and analyze recent developments and more election related legal news, including:

• Senator Ted Cruz (Lion Ted) offers to argue election fraud case in the United States Supreme Court in Kelly v. Pennsylvania

• Review of Article III of the U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court’s Original Jurisdiction to hear cases that are between states  • Democrats meet Alito’s deadline and file response in Kelly v. Pennsylvania opposing injunction – review of their arguments

• The State of Texas sues Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin directly in the United States Supreme Court – Analysis of Filings  • SCOTUS breaking news – many are expecting decisions today considering Alito’s recent order and the Safe Harbor provision deadline date (12/8/2020)

• Your questions and live chat after the presentation!




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