Marco de Wit December 7, 2020


Globalists are winning on every front and its opponents are reeling under heavy blows of censorship, doxing, boycotts, harassment and outright violence.


How big is the opposition to globalism you might ask?


To answer that question you have to divide that opposition into passive and active opposition:


A. Passive opposition

Passive opposition includes all those who are not pleased with the idea and effects of globalism. This includes hundreds of millions of people in North America and Europe alone. However, they are passive in the sense that they will not take any action until they personally are affected in a big way. And even then they probably just retreat and hide. The only way the passive opposition rises up is if two conditions are met:

  1. Economic and social collapse that really affects them directly through unemployment and personal danger.
  2. They have intellectual and organizational leaders that direct the anger of masses against the globalist ruling elite.


B. Active opposition

  1. Intellectual opposition from people who actively follow the alternative media.
  2. Active opposition from activists who run alternative media and anti-globalist organizations.


The intellectual opposition is surprisingly small since not many people actively or at least every week follow the alternative media. We can easily see this from the number of Youtube viewers because virtually all supporters of alternative media also watch Youtube videos.


  1. Ron Paul, the leader of the freedom movement has maybe only about 20 000 – 40 000 regular viewers.
  2. James Fetzer, the leader of the truth movement used to have maybe 10 000 regular viewers.
  3. Red Ice channel, the leader of the alt-right movement has maybe 20-40 000 regular viewers.


Naturally those movements overlap to a large extent so it is quite safe to say that maybe there are about 50 000 – 100 000 intellectual activists who regularly/weekly follow the alternative media. Note that maybe only half of those actively read alternative media publications like the Unz Review.


SPLC was happy to notice that when Red Ice Youtube channel was taken down then only about 5 % of the subscribers reacted by subscribing to the second back-up Red Ice Youtube channel. Red Ice Bitchute channel is uncensored and has 40 000 subscribers and 5000 – 10 000 views per video consistent with the base of 20 000 – 40 000 active followers.


Link to SPLcenter article


Steve Sailer, the most popular alt-right blogger has a daily blog at the most popular alt-right publication, Unz Review. How many regular followers does he have? One indication is that he posted on his blog a link to his video interview by another popular alt-right personality, Edward Dutton. The video has 5000 views.


All this indicates that the number of intellectual activists is globally quite small. In the English speaking world it is about 50 000 or about 0,01 % of the 500 million English speakers. This includes practically all the intellectual activists from North America, Australia and also Europe since most alt-righters in Europe understand English.


How can the number be so small? How can this be explained?


Easily. Also mainstream political medias have very small number of active viewers. For example, the most popular leftist Youtube channel is the Young Turks which has maybe 100 000 active followers. This despite the support of the Youtube and elements of the Democratic Party which explains their huge subscriber base of six million.


Leftist publications like the New Republic have also very low readerships. In fact, not more than the Unz Review. Political commentary just does not interest the masses who want to follow music and movie stars and other celebrities.


Since the number of intellectual activists (who do nothing but watch, read and occasionally like and share) is so small it is not surprising that the number of real activists if far smaller. In Europe nationalism is far stronger than in America. However, in every country alt-right activists only number in the hundreds and they are often divided by infighting. The situation is not any better in America.


So what is the point if the number of activists is so small? How can they stop or even slow down the globalist forces that are fast building a global police state?


Easily, for three reasons:

  1. Spreading ideas/memes has a great intellectual impact. The fact that the masses are like stupid lambs also makes them highly susceptible to new ideas and memes provided they are both simple and interesting. It is like sowing seeds to a fertile land especially since most do not even know where their ideas have come from.
  2. Network effects amplify individual actions thousandfold. Few nationalist activists influence their friends who influence their friends. This automatically affects the official political parties because they too have a very small activist base who almost always are in direct or indirect (friend of a friend) contact with alt-righters. No wonder that all the big semi-nationalist parties from the American republicans to British conservatives have turned to the right in recent years.
  3. Depression








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