Free speech December 6, 2020


Declaring an epidemic or a pandemic is very serious business. It not only destroys civil rights and destroys the economy but also enables the ruling elite (U$Srael) to enslave us all under a global police state.


So is it too much to ask to first make sure:


  1. The virus exists.
  2. It is contagious.
  3. It is pathogenic.
  4. It can kill if large amounts of the virus are in one person.


Apparently for many people it is too much to ask for proofs and discuss the matter seriously with an open mind. One example is the famous nationalist HBD blogger Steve Sailer who also buys the official narrative about the US 2020 elections.


Why are nationalist ”rockstars” Edward Dutton and Steve Sailer defeatists?


The discussion on the absurdity of the Covid 19/Corona hysteria has continued on Steve Sailer blog comments where also Sailer has expressed his opinion.

















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