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Recently two nationalist rockstars, Edward Dutton and Steve Sailer discussed HBD and the American elections in the Jolly Heretic Show. Viewers were shocked to notice that both are defeatists and believe in MSM and Big Tech ridiculous propaganda about the elections. However, all this naivety and defeatism might not be that surprising since unlike Ron “Honest” Unz they seem to still buy many official truths from the Magic bullet and collapsing towers all the way to the sanctity of Big Pharma.


Sailer’s Unz blogger colleague Anatoly Karlin also shocked many by accepting the official narrative about the elections. Between the lines it is easy to read that one reason for Karlin’s defeatism seems to be that he is upset that Trump does not buy into COVID hysteria. Perhaps Sailer shares Karlin’s attitude? After all, Sailer is a true believer in Big Pharma.


One explanation for defeatism might also be that Sailer does not believe in the Rockefeller-Rothschild U$Srael ruling elite that is trying to save their money machine (FED run fractional banking petrodollar system) by a scamdemic that not only gets rid of Trump by enabling massive vote fraud but also resets the world economy and creates a global police state. Therefore Sailer might find it difficult to believe in a massive well planned conspiracy to steal the election. After all, to steal the elections with massive coordinated vote fraud you need a ruling elite that really calls the shots. But there is no mathematical proof that a ruling elite exists!



Therefore this might also be a methodological question that involves empiricism vs. rationalism. Number guys are often empiricists who tend to be slightly autistic beta nerds who have hard time reading people and thus tend to not believe in large conspiracies. Often they do not even believe in small conspiracies. Not even when they themselves are the target victims! For them individuals and societies are atomistic and things just happen more or less randomly. History just bumbles along.


Empiricists do try to find some general mathematical patterns in history and sociology but easily get lost and often do not see the rationalist big picture, i.e. the forest for the trees. Human sciences are too categorically different from the natural sciences that number guys are in love with. Statistics might be exciting but a terrible foundation for the study of history and sociology. Even if you love baseball.


Interestingly, for a long time Sailer even tried to find excuses for Jeffrey Epstein and still does not seem to believe that he was a small part of a huge Zionist-pedo conspiracy to blackmail elite scientists, politicians and businessmen. That is a too far-out conspiracy. After all, do satanist pedophiles even exist? Surely Israel would not create a network of them and help them take leading positions in western countries. Unthinkable. Pure QAnon nonsense. Nothing to see here. Or notice.


Censored video now on Bitchute: Steve Sailer on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein


Anyone who looks at the facts must realize that the elections were stolen by the ruling elite. First, the polls were purposefully way off. Ridiculously so. One would think that alone would have given Dutton and Sailer a rude awakening. Instead they still sound like Nate Silver.


Second, mail-in voting was a total joke and made fraud much easier. The lack of ID and signature verification is absurd at least for Europeans. It really opened the floodgates for massive vote fraud. Why is this not obvious to Dutton and Sailer?


Third, nobody denies that many Republican poll watchers were not allowed meaningful access and many were even thrown out. Is this not a huge red flag? Why does this not seem to concern Dutton and Sailer? They sound like Bill Barr. Btw, he just also happened to cover up Iran-Contra for the ruling elite.


Fourth, the many huge statistical anomalies are also a red flag. Both Dutton and Sailer are number guys. Have they really not read the Basham article?? Is Spectator also a too far-out publication?


Steve Cortes also gives a short summary of these anomalies:



It is also surprising that Dutton and Sailer seem to not have heard of the ultimate (election) number guy, Matt Braynard who has unearthed very important *undeniable and verified* facts which alone prove that Trump won enough swing states:




Perhaps Dutton could make a program about the elections and explain us why he believes they were not stolen? Afterall, it is a very important topic and his audience is clearly very interested.


Also Steve Sailer could also try to touch the subject in his popular Unz blog. It is difficult to imagine anything more important to notice.





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6 thoughts on “Why are nationalist “rockstars” Edward Dutton and Steve Sailer defeatists?

  1. Scientists might always require evidence and scientific facts when they research and study. Sometimes you can only build good theories.
    Edward Dutton and others could start from WTC 7 that collapsed by itself in identical fashion to demolition explosions and in identical fashion to other towers. Secondly, melting point of steel vs. normal fire vs. time. Maybe these two favts make them think “Ok, maybe there is a point.”.

    There are facts and evidence about the elections as well.

    Maybe scientists and theorists are sometimes own breeds. If you always want evidences, you might not be able to build good theories. Sometimes you have to assume, wonder, connect the dots and so on. There arent clear evidences and facts for everything.

    Slightly autistic people are bad at reading feelings and minds of other people. They tend to lean towards things, facts and numbers. They might be obsessed about these.

  2. Autistic people also dont care about how others feel or think about something. Its easy for them to offend other people with their opinions and often they do not care if other people have other ideas or opinions.

    Being high in intelligence is also associated with being naively wrong with their opinions and ideas without confessing and realizing that they have been wrong. There are followers and thinkers in the world. Some people think on their own and they dont follow others. It might lead them to being wrong with their ideas if they dont care about other people and their opinions.

    A researcher of a narrow field might not see the whole picture, if he doesnt have wide enough information. He tends to look at it from his fields point of view.

  3. Edward Dutton does confess that spiteful mutants often have even satanic traits and autistic people for example might be into different fetishes. He has briefly mentiomed about elite people, but it might be that he doesnt have enough information.

    Also, perhaps being american, british or australian might sometimes make you think that we are the good guys and they are the bad people or it might be difficult for them to confess that they are doing bad things. Especially american are retards in this.

  4. Autistic/autists: Numbers, things, clear evidence, structure, order. Scientific, mathematic people.
    Skitsos: Feelings, emotions, conspiracies, ufos, God, angels, “energies”. Artistic, creative people.

  5. Many scientists might love debates and clear facts and mighy quickly loose interest if a person can only show theories and claims without clear numbers and statistics, but often you cant show these about the elite and intelligence services or they can always claim that it didnt mean what he claims and he is wrong. You never get anywhere if you always accept only numbers and clear facts like academic, scientific people tend to do.

    But we need both scientists and good theorists and its good to listen to many kinds of people to at least get perspectives, but you dont have to believe them.

  6. Who cares. Trump and Biden both work for Satan. The USA will running worlds drug, human and child trade under Trump. Trumps mentor was also openly a jewish-background raping pedophile man. Trump was perfectly ok about raping little children and he still is. American are actors and liars that say one thing and do another. Most sickening people on earth that you cant trust and let to europe.

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