2 thoughts on “Here’s Why the Polls Don’t Make ANY Sense | Steve Deace Show

  1. Who cares. The US elections are about two extremist far-jewish groups, the orthodox jews/Israel (Trump) and the culture/UK banking mafia (the Clintons, Biden, Obama etc.). Both of these extremist radical jewish groups work against the american people and they loose anyway. American retards dont understand that the elections dont really matter anything.

    The good part is that the white american are disappearing from existence and we, occupied and controlled white european can finally get free from hostile american occupying and we can push our american enemy back to the sea. Get the hell out from Finland you sick american!

  2. Hopefully we eventually get rid of these sick american puppies. They are just mentally sick people, all of them. They do things that normal people wouldnt ever do, yet they are just proud of all of it, like putting their nose into everything, torturing their prisoners with electricity, slaughtering and bombing innocent civilian and surrendered soldiers. Remember that these sick people dont give their enemies any mercy or sympathy, why would you want to give sick american people any sympathy or mercy? German people learned it the hard way, when these mentally ill people took over. Better we just close borders from these sick people and let them rot in hell. In few years the criminal american empire collapses and other countries will start to take what is rightfully theirs and many american will be brought to justice. Your central bank collapses into nothing, so as your criminal thug forces. They are literally thug forces, hiring worst rapists, drug dealers and terrorists in the world to fight wars. One american terrorist leg and hand at a time you will eventually be pushed back.

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