3 thoughts on “Antifa: Kill White People – “They need to die!”

  1. There is a certain very small, very powerful ********** that always finds people that are of different race, different culture, they start to feed hate between men and women, between young and elderly. In the french revolution they found peasants and people that wanted power. In the Soviet Union they found the serfs/peasants/stupid people and they started to whisper in their ears “These bastard intelligent and rich people are living off your work. This belongs to you. Why dont you just kill them and take what you want? It belongs to you.”.

    We need to do something about this. We cant let them organize wars and massacres over and over again and get away with it. This needs to stop and these people finally need to get justice!

  2. Keep supporting BLM and open borders ladies. Keep supporting. White women wont be treated nicely when maniacs and BLM take over. South african women know that.

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