2 thoughts on “Vote Fraud Harvester SEEN Exchanging money

  1. Hopefully the war criminal USA sinks to its own shit, which it does when their own little money machine FED crashes. FED funds the US-zionist war machine, which enables them to massmurder, steal resources and corrupt everybody else. After the US money machine crashes, the US war machine crashes and occupied Finland gets its freedom back from war criminal. Get the hell out from Finland american! We wont never surrender under your rule and american leg and a hand at a time we will gain back our independence like the brave vietnamese did. Trap by trap they fought you off very bravely, while you brutally massmurdered and tortured the vietnamese, poisoning them and putting mines everywhere. You are real sick and disgusting people american. You really are. Just really sick puppies.

  2. USA will always remain Finlands enemy and we will fight off our enemy out from Finland one american soldiers leg at a time. It will take a while, but there will be a lot of missing american soldiers legs when we get our independence back from the disgusting american war criminals. For decades and decades you have made only enemies to every country, also to Finland. American not welcome to Finland.

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