Free speech August 25, 2020


The political right and left are rooted in genetic differences between people. The center is being hollowed out by not having as much children as the right and left.


The withches (feminists) are multiplying and opening up the borders to xenos.


However, in the long run the right always wins because they have the most children. Unless xenos first take over.







3 thoughts on “How Genetic Changes Explain Why the West is So Utterly Polarized

  1. Luckily they are removing their disgusting mutant seed from the gene pool, but they are also destroying us! They control schools, the media, the banks, armies, mafias, the officials and the politicians. They can easily wipe us out with their control and they try to. They also take away our children!

  2. Kun maapallon väestö kasaa yli yhden kriittisen rajan – ja se on jo tapahtunut – voi maailmanjärjestys säilyä vain, jos hallitsevaksi heimoksi tulee geeniperimältään erilainen väestö: kiinalaiset.
    Ja sekin on tapahtunut jo nyt.

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