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Steve Sailer is a famous blogger who writes about human biodiversity. He is the most popular writer at de facto alt-right headquarters,

In his article Jewish Privilege Sailer notes the enormous power of the Jews throughout history. However, then he writes this (emphasis added):

There’s nothing terribly scandalous about this old news. It’s just that most Jewish-Americans have forgotten how many Jews have profited over the centuries from exploitation of black labor, in the slave-devouring sugar plantations of BrazilSurinam, and Curacao; in the gold and diamond mines of South Africa; and in the slave states of the U.S.

Few know this because while white guilt is concern that your ancestors were too ethnocentric, Jewish guilt, as depicted by Philip Roth in Portnoy’s Complaint, is worry that you aren’t ethnocentric enough for your ancestors.

I don’t think Jews were more exploitative of black labor than other capitalists, just that they tended to be capitalists more often than did gentiles.


But if Jewish slave owners were more ethnocentric than White slave owners does that not also mean that they cared less about the slaves than the Whites did? Add the Talmud-influenced culture and the tradition of a hostile elite and perhaps the they were at least a bit more harsh towards slaves, serfs and other oppressed people than the Whites.

In fact, that seems to have been the opinion of many oppressed people as well. Throughout millennia there seems to have been much more complaints about the cruelty of the Jewish than the White overlords. This is why at one time or another Jews have been kicked out from virtually every country in the world.


BLM-mustat vs. juutalaiset


Sailer continues:

.. American Jews in 2019 appeared to be the richest ethnic group in the history of the world. I looked up on Wikipedia the backgrounds of the top U.S. billionaires on last October’s Forbes 400 list, and six of the top ten and nineteen of the top 50 appear to be half or more Jewish. Among the top 100, 35 seem to be significantly Jewish: …

It’s almost as if Jews are better off on average than gentile whites for much the same reasons that whites are better off than blacks.


How does Sailer deduce that conclusion? He does not tell us.


How is it possible that at least 6 of the top 10 and over a third of the top 50 U.S. billionaires are Jews? (Many of the rest are probably fronts for the Jews.) Higher average intelligence cannot explain such huge discrepancy since Jews are only 2.2 % percent of the population.


So perhaps the explanation can be found in psychology and culture. Here we come back to the aggressiveness of Jews and the Talmudic tradition. Perhaps they are (in average) much tougher and more cruel than the Whites? Perhaps they have much less scruples when it comes to ruling and even oppressing? Perhaps Mid Eastern nations have the will to rule? Perhaps Islam and Zionism are mirror images?


Could it be that many elite Jews are so good at networking and scheming that they have managed to become part of the global ruling elite? That would not be surprising considering that the Jewish elite helped to create the money machine together with the WASP elite. First they created the Bank of England in 1694, then FED in 1913 and finally in the 70s the global petrodollar system that finances U$Srael run by the Rothschild-Rockefeller ruling elite. If you have a monopoly money machine you rule the world.


For centuries Jews were the junior partners in the WASP-Jewish ruling elite. However, after the death of David Rockefeller the WASP elite is fast becoming the junior partners in the ruling elite. Maybe soon they will be kicked out the ruling elite altogether. This is the main reason why the white race is now demonized. Democratic Party, neoconservatives, BLM, Antifa etc. are only the fronts of the Jewish ruling elite. After they get rid of the WASP elite then finally they rule the world.


However, this is all too simplistic for Steve Sailer. He does not believe in conspiracy theories and the ruling elite. This is also why he keeps on hoping and asking:


Will Jews eventually figure out that promoting antiwhite hate is not good for the Jews?

Much hinges upon that question.


That is the wrong question. The right question is this:


Does the Rothschild led Jewish elite want to rule the ruling elite? Does it want to have total control over the money machine? Does it want Greater Israel? Does it want to run U$Srael. Does it want to take the last small step and rule the world?


Asking is answering. That is why Sailer and many other nationalists keep asking the wrong question. They do not dare to see the truth because it is so terrifying. So they cling to a futile hope.


Instead of facing the enemy they plead for mercy.



Laws of History and The Rule of U$Srael


Yläluokka juutalainen?


2 thoughts on “Steve Sailer Again Ignores U$rael

  1. Its just bullshit that some people become ruling elite just because some are so much higher in intelligence and better.

    Theres alot of very intelligent whites also by numbers. Why they arent in the ruling elite like before and a very small group of ethnically similar people are dominating the ruling elite?

    If you are a very intelligent white, how come you cant just go to be part of the ruling elite? Because you are the wrong kind and somebody doesnt let you in.

    Did the Knights Templar bankers just get so stupid that they lost to other groups, or could it be that some people can just take the money if they are evil and arrogant enough and very co-operative as a group?

    Could it be that you cant produce very interesting content to be a popular media or produce interesting movies, because you get shut down by somebody?

  2. If a group is genetically more ethnocentric and Talmud teaches that crimes commited to the goyim do not count and all goyim will be your slaves and a group has more “balls”, dont you think it has some effect to how you treat other people? How do some extremist talmudists treat palestinian and christian now? Why its the white race that advances interests and benefits of other groups even when it damages their own? If a race or a nationality is more empathic, femine and altruistic than some other groups, dont you think it has some effect to how you treat other people?

    Do you really think some groups were just so intelligent that they just happened to rise to be the ruling elite? Theres a vast amount of extremely smart white people as well. How come they couldnt just become part of the ruling elite? Brother Nathanael, a man born and raised as a jew, turned Orthodox christian, claims that many jews are more connected to other jews, not just so much more intelligent! He states that its very easy for many jews to get funding as well, not like with the goyim.

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