Marco de Wit July 1, 2020


It seems history has taken ten almost inevitable steps that led to the present global warfare-police state:


I. Genes competing for reproduction create humans

II. Humans competing for reproduction create families and private property

III.  Climate and continental diversity create human races

IV. Topographic diversity create nations

V. Conquests create a statist cycle of the rise and fall of empires

VI. The European miracle weakens the statist cycle

VII. State capture by a hostile elite creates the money machine and the business cycle

VIII. Global capture by the money machine (U$Srael)

IX. Hide the Great depression with a plandemic

X. Break-up of globalism and the re-emergence of nationalism and localism


Laws of History and The Rule of U$Srael


Predicting history

How inevitable are the steps from one to ten? Obviously the first two steps are almost inevitable since both genes and humans tend to multiply. Also the third and fourth steps are highly likely since both adapting to local climate and conquests of new better lands tends to help the tribe survive and multiply.


With the steps five and six we enter the field of written history where the judicial monopoly and consequent statist cycle rules. Here too the historical process in antiquity seems almost inevitable since people did not understand economic science and thus were ignorant of both the negative and positive invisible hand.


In principle Greeks and Romans could have developed economic science and started the Industrial Revolution already during the antiquity. However, economic science probably would not have been enough since average IQs were still very low and culture was relatively militaristic. It was Christianity that after the fall of Rome not only helped raise average IQs but also created a European wide decentralist political structure that made it easy for the people to vote with their feet and invest relatively safely. Probably only in Christian Europe could both the eugenicist and the invisible hand work efficiently.


The rest of the steps (7-10) are also very likely for two reasons. First, the emergence of fractional reserve banking (private money machine) is almost inevitable. For thousands of years the rulers tried every possible trick from crude money clipping to fiat money to increase revenue. It is difficult to see how the development of fractional reserve banking could have been stopped.


There were heroic attempts in Holland and other European countries to stop fractional reserve banking but here the decentralized nature of Europe meant that eventually the bankers would succeed. They could try again and again until they succeeded in some state. The temptation for the bankers and rulers was just too big. Who would not want to have his own money machine? Once you had it running you could easily buy off not only the opposition but the whole state apparatus.


Second, the role of Jewish bankers in the development of fractional reserve banking also seems inevitable. After all, they had been experts in banking for thousands of years. Even more importantly they were the right hand men of many rulers and thus were in the prime position to develop fractional reserve banking step by step. Naturally at some point they had to get the Gentile political and business elite in the plot. After having failed in Holland the Jewish bankers helped create the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 and then the Bank of England. An enormous hidden income transfer from the people to the bankers and the state now started. Even worse was the fact that both banking and the economy became a house of cards which had to be propped up by even more cartels and globalism. As if this was not bad enough the fractional reserve banking also gave birth to business cycle which now more than ever threatens to crash the whole world economy.


The Jewish bankers spent centuries trying to become senior partners in the Bank of England and its daughter, the FED. At the same time they propped up the house of cards by helping to create satellite central banks, empires, political unions (USA, EU) and globalism in general. They have done literally everything to protect the money machine with their unique network and global propaganda machine. This process has now lasted for over 300 years and the world police state is finally close at hand.


However, all this was not totally inevitable. It is possible to imagine an alternative sequence of events. What if in 600 BC the Babylonians had not taken the Jewish elite into captivity or what if they had assimilated like during the Assyrian captivity two hundred years earlier? Perhaps the Jewish Diaspora could have been avoided and more importantly, the Hofjude tradition would never have developed. Would this have saved the Europeans from a hostile ethnically separate elite?


Perhaps but a hostile elite does not have to be foreign to exploit the people. Judicial monopoly would have still have kept the statist cycle going. Other court bankers would have developed anyway and they too would probably have managed to create fractional reserve banking. Judicial monopoly almost inevitably leads to money monopoly or rather to an extremely complicated money cartel. Instead of being ruled by WASP and Zionist bankers we would be ruled only by WASP or similar bankers. But what would have changed? The business cycle would still have created regular economic depressions and the economy would still be a house of cards. Also the globalist invade-invite the world warfare-police state would have developed though perhaps with a bit more noblesse oblige.


The Jews are not the key to history. Even the smartest Hofjudes would have been held at bay IF the Europeans had been a bit more smarter, loyal and liberty minded. It was probably a close call. History could have taken a radically different turn in 1307 (destruction of Templars), 1694 (Bank of England) or 1913 (FED) if someone would have written an inspiring book on the dangers of judicial and banking monopoly and explain how Hofjudes could easily use them to become a hostile ruling elite.

One man would have been enough. But for some reason no one managed to warn the people that monopolies in arbitration and money are not only absurd but lethal to the White race. Instead of White Freedom Manifesto and liberty we got the Jewish Communist Manifesto and U$Srael.







11 thoughts on “Would Europe be free if Jews had never existed?

  1. We need to warn next generations of what happened and abolish hostile elites from our countries. We need to teach in schools the real history and who these hostile elites have been. Children need to learn which people caused conflicts, sold slaves and opium. The hostile elite doesnt want people to know the truth.

    We need white ethnostates back without hostile people and hostile elites in our countries, or we will go extinct. At the moment white people are being exterminated at a very rapid rate and a massive police state is forming to protect the money machine and the hostile elite.

    Justice will be served once this is over. Problem of the hostile and violent american people will be fixed when the USA turns completely black and african.

  2. Justice needs to be given to those guilty of the recent hideous crimes against whites. I would have rather seen a hostile wasp elite than hostile **********, that is genetically and religiously foreign to us and thus even more hostile.

  3. – What tribe opened gates of Spain to invaders to slaughter christian people and why Spain abolished muslim and jews from Spain some hundred years later?
    – 1095-1200’s The Knights templars take back The Holy Land and attack hostile tribes that christian have bad experiences about.
    – King of France attacks the Knights Templar organization to steal their wealth, but the wealth disappears. Who betrayed the Knights Templar in reality? Who hated them the most and had the motive and ability?
    – The Rothchilds and hostile elite. Rothchild raises to be a hofjude just before the french revolution.
    – “French” revolution in the 1700’s, spreading of atheism, feminism, socialiam and zionism. Atheism is spread to Spain by France.
    – At the Convention of Vienna Rothchilds propose Russia to join a global debt banking system. Russian tsar refuses.
    – Communist revolution in 1917. Many in the leadership of the Red Army, the communist party, behind the revolution and leading the infamous secret police Tseka are *******.
    – Both Trump and Clintons/Biden controlled by Rothchilds and extremist talmudists.
    – Fed and many biggest banks, media, culture etc. under control of ***********.

    Connect the dots. The hostile elite doesnt never forget.

  4. We need to remind our children about extremist talmudist hofjudes, or court jews as they were known and other bankers. There should be museums of these, but ofcourse the hostile talmudist extremist elite doesnt want us to know the real truth, the real history, our identity and now real biology, mathematics and so on. History will repeat itself as hostile banking elite is revealed and abolished. Some people never learn.

  5. How is it possible that a bunch of tribal people wander around, causing every culture, every religion, on every continent to hate them and only them? How is it possible that a bunch of people wander around, never assimilating and first thing this banking elite does is trying to take the country and its people into control and running businesses that are very fake and very destructive?

  6. Salvation only comes through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

    Jews or non Jews, the synagogue of Satan…. We shall still prevail. We will prevail in heaven.

    The **** have already eliminated all opposition, it is pointless with any gilet jaunes. The battle is spiritual, not political.

  7. How can you finance massacres and forced race mixing and get totally away with it, all the time? Thats how powerful some inviduals are. If I would finance a massacre, I would be convicted. If bankers finance a massacre, its nothing at all, even when bankers destroy whole races. Its still nothing at all. We need to totally purge our societies and systems from waste and rot. Our societies have become totally rotten and we as a nation are going extinct from the planet.

  8. Are we already so close to being exterminated and wiped out by some extremist radical talmudists that we cant even mention court jew or hofjude anymore? Are we really that far in our racial extermination?

  9. Kolikoista pula USA:ssa. Miten Euroopassa?

    Koska valtio hallinnollisella päätöksellä sääntelee eri maksuvälineiden keskinäisen kurssin, on se johtanut USA:ssa kolikkopulaan. Jos kolikoiden, seteleiden ja pankkitalletusten välinen kurssi saisi vapaasti vaihdella ei koskaan mitään kolikkopulaa syntyisi.

    Siinä ei ole mitään uutta, että valtio sääntelee maksuvälineiden välistä kurssia. Jo kultakannan aikana hopean ja kullan välinen kurssi oli usein kiinteä. (1:15) Ennen pitkää hallinnollisilla päätöksillä asetetut, säännellyt, hinnat “karkaavat käsistä”.

    Se “ennen pitkä” on nyt.

  10. ** ******* Se on Sensuroimaton Totuus jonka jokainen asioihin hiemankin syvällisemmin perehtynyt tietää varsin hyvin -myös kaikki ************* nuoleskelevat valekansallismieliset tyhjäntoimittajat. (ja niitä suomessa on aivan liian paljon että jotain pystyttäisiin saamaan aikaiseksi)

  11. Re: Ruling Elite Timeline by Murray Rothbard

    > the Allies at Versailles took advantage of
    > the temporary power vacuum in Eastern Europe

    > keep Germany and Russia down permanently

    Eräs aikalaisopiskelija Neuvostoliitossa vuodelta 1939 kirjoittaa muistelmissaan:

    – “Ällistyttävää oli suhteiden kehittyminen Fasisti-Saksaan. Olimme vuosien pänttäyksellä ehtineet oppia, että fasismi niin Espanjassa kuin Saksassa oli suurin vihollisemme. Äkkiä vuonna 1939 XVIII [Neuvostoliiton Kommunistisen Puolueen] puoluekokouksessa Stalin antoi ymmärtää, että Hitlerin ja Neuvostoliiton intressit voivat olla samansuuntaiset. Stalin todisteli, että lännen demokratiat yllyttivät Saksaa ja Neuvostoliittoa keskinäiseen sotaan, jotta nämä suurvallat menettäisivät voimansa. Sen jälkeen länsimaat astuisivat esille ja ‘rauhan ja demokratian’ nimissä sanelisivat omat ehtonsa.”

    Oliko Stalin kaukoviisas?

    Edelleen yksi USA:n ulkopolitiikan tavoite on pitää hinnalla millä hyvänsä Saksa ja Venäjä vihamielisenä toisilleen.
    – Tästä syystä Nordstream boikotti.

    Estää Saksan nousu Euroopan johtavaksi valtioksi.
    – Tästä syystä miehitysjoukot edelleen saksassa.

    Estää Kiinan ja Venäjän ystävyys.

    Mitä tapahtuu, jos Saksa, Venäjä ja Kiina ilmoittavat yhteisestä “allianssista”.
    – Alkaako maailmansota?
    – Globaalisti nuo kolme valtiota ovat ne joilla on rahallisia saamisia muilta valtioilta. Kaikki muut ovat velallisia.

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