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[Note for the Finnish Attorney General: Hofjudes and Zionists do not represent all Jews. Most of the books cited here are in fact written by Jews themselves. Nor does the Israel Lobby represent all Jews.]



There is only one general law of history: The law of biological reproduction.


Under conditions of scarcity the need for reproduction leads to conflict and competition. This is why there are two subsidiary laws or conditions of history:


    1. Competition between genes
    2. Competition between gene machines (humans)


This competition drives both the natural and human history. In fact it makes history almost predictable. If four billion years ago an ET would have watched earth from space he could easily have predicted world history up to the present time with over 95% certainty. This is how he would have done it:


I. Genes competing for reproduction create humans

Only those genes can efficiently multiply which are “selfish” and create cartels by cooperating with some other genes.

1. Gene machines create plants and animals

2. Gene machines create humans


Link to Google books






II. Humans competing for reproduction create families and private property

Competition for sexual reproduction leads to population explosion and private property

1. Communism, population explosion, war and the search for new virgin land

2. From communism to propertarianism

2.1. Creation of families

2.2. Creation of private landownership

3. Competition becomes harmonious

Read the book online




III.  Climatic diversity creates races

Continents exist both in the northern and southern latitudes. Humans adapt to local conditions.

1. Different races of humans

1.1. Negroids develop in hot climate

1.2. Mongoloids develop in cold climate

1.3. Whites develop in intermediate climate

2. Mongoloids and Whites have higher average IQ than Negroids but with different distributions



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IV. Topographic diversity creates nations

Seas, mountains, rivers and deserts increase linguistic and biological differences between human groups.

1. Birth of nations

2. High IQ warlike nations become conquerors

3. Whites and mongoloids head for the south

4. Large scale agriculture in the river valley civilizations with a White or Mongoloid over-class


Link to intro



The March of Titans. Back cover. Link to Amazon







V. Conquests create a statist cycle of the rise and fall of states

Conquests create monopoly judges which as if by an invisible hand develop into states

1. Conquests create permanent exploitative structures, i.e. Fascist mafia-states


2. High IQ priests try to justify the exploitation by invaders


3. Level of exploitation determined by supply (rebellions and emigration) and demand (aggressiveness)
4. Mafia-states gradually develop into bureaucratic states
4.1. Looting and slavery gradually turns into taxation and regulation
4.2. Consent of the ruled possible only because of low IQ population


5. Competition between states create rise and fall of empires

5.1. Empires tend to increase taxes, debt and cartels which lead to the break-up of empires and cycle starts again


6. Low IQ population and mongrelization accelerates the cycle of the state


Read online with intro




The Praxeological Foundations of Political Science. From Crusoe to World State





VI. The European miracle weakens the cycle of the state

European miracle inevitable because decentralist tendency and thus also rising IQs natural for Whites

1. White IQ distribution, psychological universalism, individualism and relatively low ethnocentrism

2. Christianity and the Church accelerated decentralism and the decrease in cousin marriages

3. High IQ decentralized Christian Europe made voting with feet easier than ever before
4. Liberty, economic competition and growth greater than ever before
5. Liberty close in Iceland, Genoa, Switzerland, Holland, England and the Holy Roman Empire

6. Weakening the cycle of the state created the Industrial Revolution and enabled to escape the Malthusian trap


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Link to European Miracle article


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VII. State capture by a hostile elite creates the money machine and the business cycle

Powerful Hofjudes gained huge power because of relatively low White ethnocentrism
1. Jewish tax farming, monopolies and banking cartels create the centralizing statist Fatal Embrace
2. Eradication of arbitration networks and the development of legislation in the Late Middle Ages
3. Bank of England created during the “Glorious Revolution” by the instigation of Jewish bankers
3.1. Fractional reserve banking (private monopoly money machine)
4. Law and money monopoly maintained but many other cartels are eliminated
5. Industrial revolution but cursed with the business cycle caused by the monopoly money machine
6. Rothschild fronts Schiffs and Warburgs create the FED together with the WASP elite

7. Jewish bankers finance (the partial) take-over of academia, media and political parties

7.1. Relativism in academia, cultural Marxism in media, philosemitic politicians and open borders 


Link to a review by The Last Ditch


Link to Wikipedia



Download the book!



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VIII. Global capture by the money machine (U$Srael)

Globalization is inevitable because money machine can keep on working only if currency and other competition is decreased.

1. Create a private money machine with fractional reserve banking

2. Government bailouts needed to counter bank panics

3. Create a reserve currency to prevent bank panics (Petrodollar and U$Srael)

4. Defend bailouts and the reserve currency with a war machine (Nato, Israel, Islamist terrorist groups, police state)

5. Decrease currency and economic competition with political unions (US dollar, EU euro)

6. World bank eliminates all currency and bank competition (BIS)



Book online



Six Steps To Global Hegemony. How U$Srael Rules The World





IX. Money machine hides the Great depression with a scamdemic

Globalization inevitably creates a severe global depression which U$Srael must mask with a scamdemic

1. Global police state and the creation of Greater Israel with the annexation of Palestine

2. A new global currency that creates a short-lived economic boom


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X. Break-up of globalism and the re-emergence of nationalism and localism  

World currency makes the business cycle even stronger and leads to a global economic crash

1. Civil wars create new White ethnostates unless the alliance between globalists, Jews, Chinese and Muslims wins

2. Dysgenic Islamist caliphate supported by China or a new European miracle without a hostile elite

3. Malthusian trap returns with Islamist rule or White rule with peace and exponential economic growth




How inevitable are the steps from one to ten? Obviously the first two steps are almost inevitable since both genes and humans tend to multiply. Also the third and fourth steps are highly likely since both adapting to local climate and conquests of new better lands tends to help the tribe survive and multiply.


With the steps five and six we enter the field of written history where the judicial monopoly and consequent cycle of state rules. Here too the historical process in antiquity seems almost inevitable since people did not understand economic science and thus were ignorant of both the negative and positive invisible hand.


In principle Greeks and Romans could have developed economic science and started the Industrial Revolution already during the antiquity. However, economic science probably would not have been enough since average IQs were still very low and the culture was relatively militaristic. It was Christianity that after the fall of Rome not only helped raise average IQs but also created an European wide decentralist political structure that made it easy for the people to vote with their feet and invest relatively safely. Probably only in Christian Europe could both the eugenicist and the invisible hand work efficiently enough to enable the escape from the Malthusian trap.


The rest of the steps (7-10) are also very likely for two reasons. First, the emergence of fractional reserve banking (monopoly money machine) is almost inevitable. For thousands of years the rulers tried to increase revenue with every possible trick from crude money clipping to paper money. It is difficult to see how the development of fractional reserve banking and fiat paper money could have been stopped as long as states existed.


There were heroic attempts in Holland and other European countries to stop fractional reserve banking but here the decentralized nature of Europe meant that eventually the bankers would succeed. They could try again and again until they succeeded in some state. The temptation for the bankers and rulers was just too big. Who would not want to have his own monopoly money machine? Once you had it running you could easily buy off not only your critics but the whole state apparatus.


The praxeological foundations of Murray Rothbard’s study of the ruling elite


Second, the role of Jewish bankers in the development of fractional reserve banking also seems inevitable. After all, they had been experts in banking for thousands of years. Even more importantly they were the right hand men of many rulers and thus were in the prime position to develop fractional reserve banking step by step. Naturally at some point they had to get the Gentile political and business elite in the plot. After having failed in Holland the Jewish bankers helped create the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and then finally the (Central) Bank of England. Now started an enormous hidden income transfer from the people to the bankers and the state. Even worse was the fact that banking and thus the economy became a house of cards which had to be propped up by even more cartels, imperialism and globalism. As if this was not bad enough the fractional reserve banking also gave birth to a business cycle which now more than ever threatens to crash the whole world economy.


The Jewish bankers spent centuries trying to become senior partners in the Bank of England and its daughter, the FED. At the same time they propped up the monetary and economic house of cards by helping to create satellite central banks, empires, political unions (USA, EU) and finally the rule of U$Srael. Jewish bankers have done literally everything to protect the money machine with their unique global network and propaganda machine. This process has now lasted for over 300 years and the world police state is finally close at hand.


However, all this was not totally inevitable. It is possible to imagine an alternative sequence of events. What if in 600 BC the Babylonians had not taken the Jewish elite into captivity or what if they had assimilated like during the Assyrian captivity hundred years earlier?





Babylonian captivity was the watershed for the Jewish – and world – history. Link to Wikipedia


What if the Jewish Diaspora had been avoided and the Court Jew tradition would never have developed? Would this have saved Whites from an ethnically separate hostile elite? Perhaps but a hostile elite does not have to be foreign to exploit the people. Judicial monopoly would have still have kept the cycle of state going. Other court bankers would have developed anyway and they too would probably have managed to create fractional reserve banking. Judicial monopoly almost inevitably leads to money monopoly or rather to an extremely complicated money cartel.


Instead of being ruled jointly by WASP and Zionist bankers we would be ruled only by WASP or similar bankers. But what would have changed?  The economy would still have developed into a house of cards and the business cycle would still have created regular economic depressions. Also the globalist invade-invite the world warfare-police state would have developed though perhaps the ruling elite would have had much more noblesse oblige like the Morgans had in the 1920’s with their immigration restriction and eugenics before the take-over of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds in the 30’s.


The key to history are not Jews but monopolies. Even the smartest Hofjudes/Court Jews or other Court advisers would have been held at bay IF the Europeans had been a bit more smarter and liberty minded. It was probably a close call. History could have taken a radically different turn if Filip IV aided by his Court Jews had not in 1307 destroyed the Templars and their honest European wide 100% reserve banking.


Fortunately the Church slowed down the spread of fractional reserve banking but then William III together with his Court Jews invaded England in the misnamed Glorious Revolution. They soon created a fractional banking system with the Bank of England in 1694 and made it the heart of British imperialism. However, there was still much resistance especially in England. In 1844 there was a heroic effort by the Currency School  to totally stop fractional reserve banking but the Peel Act was designed to fail because it absurdly ignored demand deposits.


In America there was more hope with the Jeffersonian-Jacksonian Bank War. It managed to almost stop fractional reserve banking but then the War of Northern Aggression turned back the clock and cemented the power of the bankers. This made it possible for the Rothschilds to create the FED in 1913 together with the Morgans and the Rockefellers. Finally the creation of a petrodollar system in the 70s opened the gates to unlimited creation of credit money with fiat money backing. This lead to the triumph of globalism and creation of U$Srael.


The History of the Modern Ruling Elite by Murray Rothbard (Excerpted)



All this could have been stopped if someone would have written an inspiring book on the dangers of judicial and banking monopolies and explained how Jewish bankers could easily use them to become a hostile ruling elite.

One man would have been enough. But for some reason no one managed to warn the people that monopolies in arbitration and money are not only absurd but lethal to the White race. Instead of Freedom Manifesto and liberty we got the Jewish Communist Manifesto and U$Srael.





Read more articles from the Rationalist science-series:


Who Rules The World? Top 10 Censored Books From The Rationalist Grand Narrative

























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  1. We must stop Israel and the hostile american invaders. Besides soviets/russian, the greatest threat to Finland are war criminals and mass murderers USA and Israel. Without hostile Israel, we still have to deal with hostile american that have proven for decades that they are very high in psychotism and narcism, capable of same level of violence as Somalia, Kongo, Israel and other garbage states of the world. Not only that, but the american are proud of being violent war criminals. Unfortunately forces of evil, american, british and the soviets won the second world war, which lead to a disgusting world and forces of good, Germany and Finland lost. We can still abolish evil, the USA, the UK and Israel from Finland and Europe.

  2. Finally we have a chance to abolish ****** and write a note to our next generations: Never again another ****** in the world.

    Why are the american pure retards and are fanatically supporting Israel? Its like shooting yourself to your head or knee. The retardness of supporting Israel is the greatest mental problem of the american people.

  3. Finally the USA is disappearing out of existence with the fall of their criminal and massacring empire. Never again. They dont just disappear out of existence, but mix with the african with very low average IQ when compared to the european. There wont be white USA anymore, luckily! No more hostile and extremely criminal american empire. It will be black and harmless USA!

  4. With the collapse of the american empire, the american finally become the loosers. They know what it means when they turn from the criminal victors to criminal loosers. Alot of american criminals will be put to justice after their empire collapses and history will describe what kind of criminals they became, far worse than the british! They also know that rest of the world has all rights to put a terrorist and criminal state to justice when their war machine collapses. Dont talk about independence gained with rebellion, when you are a far worse terrorist state yourself. As they also stole our physical gold, we must take the american property that we can.

  5. Black USA! Black USA! Black USA! Peace will return to Europe when USA turns black and african. Hail victory! Good bye criminal and disgusting american empire!

  6. Every nation has every right to fight against the hostile american and Israel. They are hostile invaders and need to be treated as such. So dont cry if you return back to the USA with your legs and hands blown off, you are an invader, a hostile intruder. Invaders get send back home in coffins and bodybags.

  7. Fast life history races of the south arent designed to use resources in an intelligent way or preserve them. They are designed to use resources very quickly and reproduce very quickly with as many partners as possible. We whites only cause more destruction by giving white technology to less developed races. We should just let nature balance and repair itself. We need to stop giving food, medicine, clean water and money to primitive races, not only to save our own economies, but save nature from destruction. Its white people who preserve animals. Why? Because otherwise they would be just eaten. ****** are more developed to be emotional, social, empathic, mentally stable and altruistic.

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