2 thoughts on “Estonian War of Independence Animated

  1. The problem of finno-ugric people is that we restrain even too much from violence, while our greatest enemies, the american and the russian are very high in violence and psycopathy. Besides the russian, the american have shown their hostility and readiness for use of violence and low ethics, as well as selfishness. During the wars the american dropped supplies to the soviet mass murderers and mass rapists. The USA also mass murdered purely civil target in places like Dresden, as well as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In Vietnam they launched the Phoenix Program, mass murdering and violently torturing and terrorizing the vietnamese to support their south vietnamese dictator. As we all know, now they are mass murdering, torturing and terrorizing in the middle east as well as in latin countries. Now only that, their greatest “allies” are jihadis of Saudi Arabia and the war criminal, terrorist and mass murderer Israel. Clearly you should stay away from both the russian and the american and not trust them. Finns forget that also the american are very hostile to Finland and one of our most important enemies. We need to stop being occupies by the US occupation and kick our US influence out from Finland, as well as put the USA to justice in Finland. The american love “justice”, so lets give Nato war criminals justice in Finland.

  2. Never forget repeating and disgusting war crimes of the american, who were allies with the mass murdering bolshevik communists. After 1945 the american and the soviets started to mentally rapture both Germany and Finland, to rapture their nationalism, traditions, cultures, religion, identities and ethnic compositions. Never forget hideos war crimes and terrorism of both the american and the soviet people.

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