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[Note for the Finnish Attorney General: Hofjudes and Zionists do not represent all Jews. Most of the books cited here are in fact written by Jews themselves. Nor does the Israel Lobby represent all Jews.]



This is an attempt to understand the Big Picture, i.e. the development of human history from the beginning to present by summarizing many history books.


The Big Question: Why did the Wheel of History turn from tyranny to liberty and then back to tyranny?


The main sources of this article can be found in these ten books which present the Rationalist school that is also the foundation for the study of history.


Who Rules The World? Top 10 Censored Books From The Rationalist Grand Narrative


This article is a work in progress that starts with an outline presented in the table of contents. Every few days some new text and sources are added.



Wheel of History vs. the Hofjude
I. From communism to liberty
The original state of man was communism and conflict
1. Population increase
     1.1 Man populated the earth in search of new free land
2. Scarcity of land gradually forced to abandon communism and adopt private property ideas 
     2.1 Family is the most important propertarian institution
     2.2. Family institution started to develop first in the northern hemisphere
     2.3. Dogs helped inspire propertarianism
3. Family institution increased IQs, inequalities and discrimination
4. Families started to privatise and homestead land
5. Self-ownership, families, private land, arbitration and specie money created a natural tendency toward freedom
         – see the summary of Hoppe’s A Short History of Man
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II. From liberty to statist tyranny
High IQ Whites invaded the Fertile Crescent and created large-scale agriculture
1. Conquests created permanent exploitative structures, i.e. Fascist mafia-states
2. High IQ priests tried to justify the exploitation by invaders
3. Level of exploitation determined by supply (stupidity, cowardice) and demand (will and capability for aggression)
     3.1. Exploitation decreased by threat of rebellions and emigration (voting with feet)
4. Mafia-states gradually developed into bureaucratic states 
     4.1. Looting and slavery gradually turned into taxation and regulation
     4.2. Consent of the ruled possible only because of low IQ population


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III. Competition between the states recreated liberty
The more states the more competition between the states
1. Citizens voting with feet decreased taxation and other exploitation
     1.1. The competition between early Sumerian and Egyptian kingdoms created civilisation
2. Surplus production created the market economy coordinated by the invisible hand
3. States started to turn from binary to triangular intervention to maximize revenue
4. High IQ businessmen voted with feet to decrease triangular intervention
5. Economic growth close to becoming exponential
     5.1. Competition and economic growth greatest in Greece and Italy with dozens of city states
     5.2. The higher classes of Greece and Rome originally high IQ invaders from the north
6. Economic growth gave the state more resources for imperialism
7. Empires decreased competition between states and increased exploitation
8. Economic growth stopped and gradually the economy of Rome crashed
9. High IQ decentralized Christian Europe made business and voting with feet easier than ever before
10. The European miracle
      10.1. Liberty close in Iceland, North Italy, Burgundy, Netherlands, England and the Holy Roman Empire. 
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=> Whites were turning the Wheel of history towards liberty and prosperity for all.
But what turned the Wheel of history back towards statist tyranny?
IV. State capture by a hostile elite
Powerful Hofjudes gained huge power because of relatively low White ethnocentrism
1. Jewish tax farming, monopolies and banking cartels create the centralizing Fatal Embrace
2. Eradication of arbitration networks and the development of legislation in the Middle Ages
3. Bank of England created during the “Glorious Revolution” with the help of Jewish bankers
     3.1. Fractional reserve banking (private money machine)
4. Maintained the cartel economy and decreased economic growth but did not stop it
5. Industrial revolution cursed with the business cycle
6. Rothschild fronts Schiffs and Warburgs create the FED and the drive for a world state
Link to a review by The Last Ditch


Book online



An attempt to summarize the rule of the three dynasties by Marco de Wit



V. Culture capture by a hostile elite
Many diaspora Jews did not assimilate into host nations
1. Project to turn host nations philosemitic with the help of a coalition of minorities
2. Jewish dominated money machine finances (the partial) take-over of academia, media and political parties
    2.1. Relativism in academia, cultural Marxism in media and philosemitic parties and ideologies such as neoconservatism in politics



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6. Global capture by a hostile elite
Many Jewish bankers finance Zionist Jews to invade Palestine
1. Jews create their own country Israel which coordinates diaspora activities
2. Alliance with the Saudis and the balkanization of the rest of the Middle East
3. Israel Lobby has to control much of the foreign policy of US and other Western countries
4. Money machine finances wars for Israel
5. U$Srael protects the money machine and the interests of Israel


Who rules the world? Bankers and Zionists!



Taboo: How the Israel Lobby Controls America






12 thoughts on “Wheel of History vs. the Hofjude

  1. But why some ********* can only create fake and disgusting inventions, culture and architecture? Were some people in history right about something? Why american people are retards about zionism and Israel? We need our ethnic states, cultures, people, liberty and christianity back from hostile elite people that are killing us to extinction right now!

  2. Historians need to stop being cowards and need to start to investigate the hofjude elite extremist radicals that started to make disgusting and terrible crimes! These people and the benefit of all of their crimes must be brought to justice and justice needs to be given to white victims! We need to inform our next generations of these people guilty of these crimes and what happened to white people.

  3. History will repeat itself and white people will liberate themselves from slavery and slavers. This time slavers wont get any compensations from us.

  4. Can Laiton Lehti ask american a simple question regarding retardness for zionism and Israel. The question is: Why are you g4y?

  5. The biggest mistake that white people made was to notice and give Israel. Its a clear sign that in the 50’s whites started to turn to retards. Not only that, but retard american gave Israel nukes! We can still close Israel outside civilization and build a big wall around it to stop ******* from getting near civilizations. Lets all stop this 3rd world sewer ****** ****** from affecting us.

  6. Kullakin pikkuruhtinaalla oli hovijuutalaisensa, jolta ruhtinaallisten himojen tyydyttämiseksi puserrettiin rahaa, ja joka vuoroonsa nylki kansaa.
    Vartija 1902 – 01.01.1902

    Useimmissa Europan howeissa owat “howijuutalaiset” olleet ruhtinaiden tärkeimmät howihankkijat. Waltio- ja obligaatiolainojen hankinnan ovat juutalaiset usein suorittaneet.
    Sosialisti 19.08.1912

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