7 thoughts on “A Celebration of the Jewish People

  1. Why some extreme radical jews hate christians, christianity and Jesus? Why zionist american worship fanatically some extreme radical jews and Israel that in reality hate them and want to destroy them? Some extreme radical jews arent any better than islamists and jihadists. Why we let extreme radical jews move freely and without surveillance, letting them manipulate our politics and societies? Radical extremist jewishness needs to be stopped. Why american let radical extreme jews to their country and let them manipulate their politics and elections? Why americal torture islamists and jihadists, but not other extremists, like talmudist extreme radical jews?

  2. Its an anti-semite conspiracy theory that “jews” would control the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, big globalist companies, mainstream media, military etc. Just take a look who really control these and you will be greatly suprised racist anti-semites!

  3. Why Israel is testing genetically if a citizen is a racially pure zionist, but at the same time Israel demands other countries to open their borders and racially mix? This is logical in only one way, Israel wants to destroy other countries in genetic, cultural, religious, economical and militarely way!

  4. Is there anything we can do to HELP the jews, speed up things so that they wouldnt feel so oppressed and miserable.

  5. Jews are so highly intelligent and forward-thinking that they know whats coming.

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