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Those who rule the world want to hide the fact by promoting schools of thought that not only make it more difficult to study the ruling elite but also make it easier to rule over us. This is why the ruling elite promotes the relativist paradigm (empirism and historism) in philosophy and its sub-schools such as neoclassical school in economic and political science.


What the rulers fear most is a rationalist paradigm and the radical Austrian school that shows how the emperor has no clothes. Here we present the most important rationalist books in deductive manner by starting from philosophy and then continuing through praxeological ethics, economics and politics into economic history and finally in more empirical fashion to biology, world history, medical science and sociology. At the end everything is brought together into a simplified grand narrative.


The ruling elite has force-fed us their relativist narrative so it is time to spread the counter-narrative or rather the original common sense Grand Narrative that 100 years ago everybody understood almost instinctively. Thanks to the latest scientific breakthroughs in many fields we can now more efficiently defend this correct narrative.


All of the ten books are politically incorrect. Thus they have been blackballed and demonized by mainstream science. Some have even been outright banned from Amazon.









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On Praxeology and the Praxeological Foundation of Epistemology by Hans-Hermann Hoppe


The book includes the essay Economic Science and the Austrian Method where rationalism is defended against relativism (empirism ja historism). It shows how mainstream relativist philosophy and social science is in many ways absurd. It is possible deduce from action and argumentation axioms most of the social sciences. A Grand System starts from philosophy and proceeds through ethics to economics and politics. Truth is certain, beautiful and easy to understand for the intelligent layman. Hoppe introduces the grand system here.


An attempt to summarize the Grand System by Marco de Wit



An attempt to summarize the Grand System by Marco de Wit











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Murray Rothbard explains how a natural ethical system can be constructed from self-ownership. If we have the right to rule our own bodies then we also have right to homestead unowned resources and then exchange them freely. Thus from self-ownership follows first right to homestead and then freedom of contract which is the basis of free society.



Attempted summary by Marco de Wit













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Murray N. Rothbard explains praxeology and deduces the laws of economics and politics from the action axiom. In propertarian society all interaction can be voluntary. The invisible hand makes contractual society prosperous and there is hardly any crime. However, the introduction of the state creates an exploitative ruling elite. Economics studies voluntary interaction and politics involuntary interaction. 




An attempt to summarise praxeology by Marco de Wit



An attempt to summarize politics









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Murray Rothbard explains the evolution of money

  • how gold money developed into paper money
  • how full reserves developed into fractional reserves, i.e. how banks started making money out of thin air and turned banking into a house of cards
  • how fractional reserve banks can be saved only by ever larger bailout by ever larger monetary, economic and political unions, i.e. the inexorable drive towards world state and world money which would eventually destroy civilization
  • the only way to save the world is to end the central bank of central banks, the FED










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Murray N. Rothbard explains how three dynasties (Morgans, Rothschilds and Rockefellers) created their own money machine, the FED and now rule the world. 





An attempt to summarize the rule of the three dynasties by Marco de Wit









Rationalism does present us with the basic logical tools to understand human interaction, i.e. ethics, economics and political science. However, at the same time it understands that pure logic is not enough. You need also empirical knowledge about people and events. Even if it would consist of illegal “hate facts” and “hate speech”.






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 Philippe Rushton explains racial differences.


The book includes a famous chart which is nowadays considered hate speech.





Rushton’s book is partially based on the work of Richard Lynn who measured the IQs of different races and nations. This map is based on his work.











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 Arthur Kemp reveals the secret of the rise and fall of civilizations   


  • whites created nearly all civilizations including Egypt and Sumer/Babylonia
  • mass immigration weakened these civilizations but periodic Nordic invasions replenished the ruling white elite 




The March of Titans. Back cover. Link to Amazon













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Kevin MacDonald explains how many Jewish intellectual movements have tried to protect Jewish group cohesion and interests by undermining those ideas and values that protect White group cohesion and interests

  • these Jewish intellectual movements include the Frankfurt School (philosophy, sociology), Boazian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, the New York Intellectuals (literature), Marxism and even neoconservatism
  • book censored by Amazon
  • part of a trilogy


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Daniele Ganser explains how Western democracies organised a false flag terror campaign that killed hundreds of their own citizens and then blamed communists.


An even better book is Valtiot ja terrorismi (States and Terrorism) which brings together all the studies that show how both organized crime and terrorism are effectively state sponsored. In other words, the deep state uses criminals and terrorists to destroy its enemies and advance its interests. However, the book has been published only in Finnish.


Lue kirja netissä










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Peter Duesberg explains how AIDS is not caused by HIV but by exotic versions of tuberculosis, poppers and other drugs especially when used in self-destructive ways in homosexual orgies 

  • proves how also “official” medical science can easily become politically correct and abandon the scientific method
  • most AIDS patients have died of false diagnosis and wrong medicine, i.e. they were poisoned by their politically correct profiteering doctors and Big Pharma
  • implications to the study of vitamins and vaccinations could be huge. Is the ruling elite and Big Pharma poisoning us and intentionally keeping the populace weak?
  • would the ruling elite create an AIDS-type false epidemic and declare marshal law if after an economic crash people raise against the ruling elite?
  • ADDITION 2020: Note that the prediction has been fulfilled! Scamdemic was created because bank panic and the Great Depression was inevitable and might have turned the people against the money machine. Now the Great Depression can be pinned on the purported monster virus and pandemic!


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 Hans-Hermann Hoppe presents the radical rationalist grand system

  • how rationalism, propertarianism and decentralized Medieval Europe gave birth to liberty and how it is being destroyed by relativism and democratic centralization
  • the only ways to achieve liberty and stop centralization and the emergence of world state are propertarianism, decentralism, secession and extensive discrimination of SJWs




Hoppe memes







(First draft, links and pictures coming soon.)


European miracle   


1. White racial component:


High IQ with low time preference and universal ideas, values and rights


=> Traditional duties and property rights *locally* enforced by thousands of landowners (gentry and aristocracy) 


-> political decentralization -> individual rights natural for Europeans              


-> city states of Egypt, Sumer, Ancient Palestine, Greece and the Latin League gave rise to civilization 



-> mass immigration, slave trade and miscegenation transformed the masses but the elite remained relatively white 


-> network of city states gradually turned into despotic Eastern Empires led by a white ruling class



->  periodic invasions from the north replenished the ruling white elite 


-> Alexander the Great spread Hellenism which now extended from Spain to India   


-> Rome later collected most of the Hellenistic pieces together again           



-> gradually the low fertility White upper and middle classes vanished and mass immigration made Rome more despotic                 


-> inflation, taxes, cartels, monopolies and price regulations multiplied   


-> economic depression and return to barter economy in the West and Oriental despotism in the Byzantium




 2. Cultural component:


Christianity joined rationalist Hellenism with Stoicism and created strong community and family values              

      – 10 commands plus cohesive evangelical group evolutionary strategy (New Jews vs. Old Jews)             

      – marriage regulated, only responsible people should have children

      – prohibition of consanguineous marriages


-> higher IQ + universal values    -> eugenistic effect             


-> exponential growth of Christian communities while the Romans and especially patricians had hardly any children



=> Hellenistic culture joined by universal ethics upheld by the high IQ centralized church



-> Division of power between kings and Church             


-> Medieval Europe had no despotic emperors like in China but a decentralised political system

         – Middle Franchia: Burgundy, North-Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands; British aristocrats              


-> multiple small jurisdictions  -> voting with feet  -> political competition              


-> arbitration instead of monopoly judges & legislation             


-> Roman, merchant, canon and common law all protected individual property rights



=> respect for property rights


-> breaking of cartels, low taxes     


 –> Iceland, Ireland, Switzerland and The Holy Roman Empire became paragons of freedom           

        – hundreds of independent principalities, city states (Hansa) and military orders like the Templars             

        – elective monarchy, monarch self-financed

        – small armies since had to use semi-independent vassals or mercenaries                

        – Crusades with decentralized and voluntary armies for faith and profit       


=> natural order               


– close to creating the Industrial Revolution already in the 1200’s!                




European tragedy


If Europe was close to liberty why then statist centralisation, depression and the consequent black death in the 1300’s?



  1. Cartel theory: the tendency of cartels to break-up can be countered only with increasing centralization                       


-> maintaining the status quo will lead to freedom


– freedom is natural for Europeans  so why then increasing centralization in the 1300’s?               



        2. Racial component: Other races less universalistic


=> despotism in Europe only possible if miscegenation, alien invasion (Muslims, Mongols) or Jewish infiltration 


– in Eastern Europe natural order was destroyed by Jews, Muslims and Mongols 


– in Western Europe natural order was destroyed by the alliance of elite Jews and kings                   

    – Hofjude helped create tax and customs farming, slave trade, banking cartel, alcohol and other monopolies   



=> kings could now afford a large army and a bureaucratic machine plus buy off the opposition     


-> statism and wars depressed the economy in the 1300s and thus prevented the industrial revolution and led to the Malthusian trap that created the Black plague 


-> fatal embrace: Hostile Jewish elite vs. the people led to periodic pogroms, expropriations and expulsions of the Jews



=> king now so powerful that he could centralize power with legislation                 



-> tariffs, taxes, cartels, monopolies, war-making



-> in England a battle between the king and the parliament 

     – balance of power between king and the aristocrats    

          -> decrease of taxation during Elisabeth I         

          – country Whigs and country Tories supported decentralization         

     – in England parliament/aristocrats won in 1689 and created a central bank in 1694

 – Hanoverian-Whig one party oligarchic rule from 1715

              – however, country Whig and country Tory rule in the countryside and Jacobite rebellions 1708, 1715 and 1745 maintained a balance of power that maintained peace and decreased taxes and cartels during Walpole-Pelham rule



-> more prosperous people wanted bigger share of the power

-> gradually the parliament was democratized with the support of the bankers who wanted to break the power of the landed aristocracy      


      1. Separation of church and state

          -> secularism    

            – Test Acts of 1672 and 1677 and Popery Act of 1698 gradually repealed by Papists Act of 1778 and finally emancipation in 1828 despite the opposition of the ultras          

Clark (1985) depicts England before 1828 as a nation in which the vast majority of the people believed in the divine right of kings, and the legitimacy of a hereditary nobility, and in the rights and privileges of the Anglican Church. In Clark’s interpretation, the system remained virtually intact until it suddenly collapsed in 1828, because Catholic emancipation undermined its central symbolic prop, Anglican supremacy. Clark argues that the consequences were enormous: “The shattering of a whole social order … What was lost at that point … was not merely a constitutional arrangement, but the intellectual ascendancy of a worldview, the cultural hegemony of the old elite.”[6]


            – Jewish Naturalization Act of 1753 failed and so did the 1833 Jew bill opposed by Wellington                                   

                  – Jews had a bad reputation (blood libel, Jack the Ripper)                                   

                  – accession to municipal offices in 1845 and 1858 to parliament. Total emancipation only in 1890 



    2. Extension of the vote and the right to stand for office         

          – Reform acts 1832, 1867, 1884, 1918             


=> democratization even worse than monarchy since opposition to centralization is decreased                 

       – tragedy of the commons, selling votes for positive rights, i.e. privileges (subsidies, tariffs, monopolies, cartels)                 

       -> first regulatory capture (including central bank) and then state capture which is defended by warfare-police state


=> freedom gradually destroyed by the ruling elite that controls the money machine 


-> three dynasties: Morgans, Rothschilds and Rockefellers rule the world     


-> they protect their money machine by creating ever bigger monetary, economic and political unions that can afford ever bigger bail-outs         


-> globalism


-> US$rael defends the globalist petrodollar system and both Jews and Wasps get what they want


-> globalism must destroy nationalism and conservatism with cultural Marxism, police state, warfare state/Nato and deep state terror network   


-> globalism must be destroyed with secession, decentralization and discrimination of SJWs






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Who rules the world? RWE, The Rockefeller World Empire!






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